20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker
  • Air Pro20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker
  • Air Pro20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker
  • Air Pro20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker
  • Air Pro20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker
  • Air Pro20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker

20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker

20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker

●  Lightweight, ultra portable design.
●  Can be hand carried, shoulder-strapped, on a flat surface or mounted.
● Up to 24 hours of standby for per 2-hour charge.
●  Choice of Single or Dual Pairing operations (PAS-1 or PAS-2)
● AC and lithium rechargeable battery operaon.
●  3.5mm line input accepts external MP3, iPod and CD player.
● Powerful and 3 directional sound projection
● Smooth uninterrupted operations (with multiple sets)
● It is a secure-based system that only allows user with the pendent microphone to access to it. This will help to prevent misuse of the system.
●  An interference design from mobile devices and APs.
●  Works both in indoor and outdoor premises.
●  Rechargeable battery supporting 4-5 hours usage.
● User priority design. (No setting up or tuning required)

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Product Description

    iTeach Portable Voice Enhancement System puts you in control of your lesson. Wireless access and preset memory sengs make life easier and hassle-free.

    We pump up the volume but we shrink the size and weight. Try out our latest portable digital voice enhancement system that will change things work revoluonary.

    Cool gadget for personal instructors, teachers, tour guides, and even for full scale deployment for touring stations, classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.

    Be for indoor classroom, meeting room, canteen, or out in the park, inside a rowdy tour bus, or by the pool, you can talk effortlessly to your audiences with iTeach.

    20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker is a new fully digital voice enhancement speaker system that can be used with direct AC or operates for around 4-5 hours in outdoor situation.

    The unique part of this voice enhancement device is that we put the user in control. Turn on the speaker wirelessly using your Pendent Microphone. You can even adjust the volume of your speech wirelessly too.

    iTeach is also designed based on fully design multi-room concept. This means there can be unlimited users and speakers in a school. No room to room interference, no cross-talk and the pendent microphones (DSP5505C) can instantly works with any iTeach speaker once you enter the room. With no pre-dominance design, each Pendent Microphone can simply pair and works with any iTeach Speakers in the school.

    If that is not enough, try playing music with iTeach. You can link up the iTeach to mobile device, laptop, PC through 3.5mm wired connection, or by streaming them wirelessly to the iTeach speaker. Presentation will be just one click away. 

    •  Lightweight, ultra portable design.

    •  Can be hand carried, shoulder-strapped, on a flat surface or mounted.

    •  Up to 24 hours of standby for per 2-hour charge.

    •  Choice of Single or Dual Pairing operations (PAS-1 or PAS-2)

    •  AC and lithium rechargeable battery operaon.

    •  3.5mm line input accepts external MP3, iPod and CD player.

    •  Powerful and 3 directional sound projection

    •  Smooth uninterrupted operations (with multiple sets)

    •  It is a secure-based system that only allows user with the pendent microphone to

    access to it. This will help to prevent misuse of the system.

    •  An interference design from mobile devices and APs.

    •  Works both in indoor and outdoor premises.

    •  Rechargeable battery supporting 4-5 hours usage.

    •  User priority design. (No setting up or tuning required)

    Speaker Unit


    Pairing Type

    Single Pairing

    Dual Pairing


    118 x 118 x 145 mm (including handle)


    1kg (including battery pack)


    ABS Dark Grey Resin (Housing)

    ABS Dark Grey Resin (Housing)

    Speaker Drivers

    1 x 6.35mm(Main), 2 x 5.59mm (Side) bridged

    Nominal Power


    Max. Power



    3.5mm (Audio In)

    Power input

    15VDC (included with speaker unit)


    12V 6000mAH Pack (Li-126000)


    Included (ON by command)

    Working Freq.

    2400 ~ 2483.5 MHz



    Signal to Noise Ratio


    Resolution Ratio

    16 Bits

    Charge Time

    2 hrs

    Usage Time

    4-5 hrs

    Standby Time

    24 hrs

    Pendent Mic



    22 Ø x 130 mm


    30 grams

    Capsule Type

    Omni Direconal Electret

    Transmiting Distance

    20m (Line of sight)

    Pairing Distance

    3-5 metres

    Frequency Response

    50Hz ~ 15KHz

    Operation Temp.

    -20 ~ 75 oC


    Power Consumption

    Around 30mA.

    Charging and Usage Time

    30 min ~ 1 hour (Charge)

    8 ~ 10 hours (Usage)

    Transmitting Power

    10 dBm

    Sampling Rate


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