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Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. is a professional audio manufacturer since 1988. With more than 30 years’ history of designing and manufacturing audio products, DSPPA has enjoyed a high reputation in and out of China.
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  • 8 Channel power controller

    ● There are 8 switches on the front which could be used to control on/off of relays under emergency circumstances. For example, when central control devices break down, this function could protect other equipment.
    ● There are 8 IO interfaces inside the controller which could be used without central control devices.
    ● Compatible with all existing central control protocols.
    ● Rotatable ID switch to set network ID code
    ● Terminals with triplet junction on each relay with normally open/close function.

  • 10" Touch Screen Wireless Control Pad

    ● 10.1" A-SiTFT-LCD touch screen, 2048*1536pix(QXGA)
    ● Can communicate with the central control host via D6417, working distance up to 80m
    ● Can communicate with central control host D6401 via Wi-Fi
    ● With USB interface for data transportation, can communicate with central control host via USB port
    ● Friendly interface, adjustable by end user, easy to use
    ● Support host searching, set-up, status checking function when connected to the same network

  • Radio Frequency Receiver

    ● With a CRV-NET network port, a serial port.
    ● Daul ten ID dialing switch, support ID range: 1-99.
    ● With radio frequency 433MHz.
    ● Applying Manchester coding, greatly improves the reliability of wireless communications.

  • Integrated Central Control Host

    ● Applies the latest 32-bit embedded processor with speed up to 533MHZ;
    ● A large number of highly integrated co-processor chip with LAY OUT so that the system is running very stable and smooth;
    ● Built-in 8MB memory and 16MB of large-capacity FLASH memory in the host;
    ● Programmable control platform with interactive control structure;
    ● With 4X4 computer signal matrix switching system and VGA 15HDF interface;
    ● 4X4 / 5X3 / 6X2 / 7X1 (default is 4X4) composite video signal matrix switching system, with BNC interface;
    ● 8X4 audio signal matrix switching system, 3 pin 3.8 Phoenix plug;
    ● 3 programmable two-way serial port with DB9 / M interface;
    ● With a two-way user program download serial port and DB 9 / F interface;
    ● 1 NET network port;
    ● 8 independent programmable IR transmitter;

  • Network Multimedia Central Control System

    ● Support for remote network control, with built-in network interface, support network cascade, support iPad / iPhone and Android hand-held terminal, communicate with the host through Wifi;
    ● Applies programmable control platform with Chinese and English programmable interface and interactive control structure;
    ● Applies the latest 32-bit embedded processor with processing speed up to 533MHZ;
    ● A large number of highly integrated co-processor chip and elegant LAY OUT so that the system’s running is very stable and smooth;
    ● Built-in 8MB memory and 16MB large-capacity FLASH memory in the host ;
    ● iPad / iPhone / Android human-Computer interface design programming compatible with the traditional touch screen programming; no need to re-learn the new programming methods, very easy to upgrade it.

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