Commercial Amplifier

DSPPA production line covers all kinds of Commercial Amplifiers: one zone mixer amplifier, multi-zone mixer amplifier, analog mixer amplifier, digital mixer amplifier, integrated mixer amplifier, mixer amplifier with 70V/100V speaker output and 4-16 ohms speaker output. They can be applied in all kinds of venues where background music or paging is needed, such as restaurant, shops, supermarket, hotel, etc.
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  • Integrated Wireless PA Amplifier
    Model:MP30W MP62W

    ●This system (the multi-functional public address pack) is with digital wireless audio transmission, which makes its sound quality and stability is far better than analog wireless transmission.
    ●This system host is a smart integration of the following devices: Bluetooth player, MP3 player, digital recorder, preamplifier, karaoke reverberator, conference desktop microphone (professional gooseneck microphone rod, with LED lights), digital wireless transmitter and many other audio equipment.
    ●The host is with high quality microphone, whose sensitivity is much higher than other products on the market.
    ●The host is with one line input, which can be connected to the mobile phone, DVD, TV, mixer and other audio sources. And one line output, which can be connected to external amplifier to extend the number of speakers.
    ●The system is equipped with protective wall-mounted speaker.

  • 4x4 Matrix Mixer Amplifier
    Model:MP906 MP912

    ● 2 channels of line input, each of which may adjust the volume and tune independently;
    ● 3 channels of microphone balanced input, each of which may adjust the gain and tune independently with the optional +48V phantom power supply;
    ● 4 channels of remote paging microphone inputs (Linking up to 10 equipments) and 1 channel of telephone signal input (Adjustable volume); the remote paging microphone is connected to this equipment with the crystal plug, and this equipment is connected to the telephone line with the telephone socket, i.e. this equipment is an slave machine connected to this telephone set;
    ● Fire alarm signal (Adjustable volume) and bell sound source (Adjustable volume);
    ● With built-in MP3 module, play mainstream 32G U-disks and the documents in the formats of MP3, WMA, WAV and ACC transferred through the bluetooth;

  • 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier with Remote Paging Mic
    Model:MP812 MP825 MP835

    ●Four channels of microphone and two channels of line input, and separate adjustment of treble and bass;
    ●With 6-partitions selector, which makes it possible to select and control each partition separately, separate adjustment of volume with indicator for each partition, adjustable volume of all partitions with indicator.
    ●Built-in chime and alarm generator, separate control of volume, with indicator and switch, and alarm short-circuit triggering terminal;
    ●When the built-in alarm generator is started up, the background music is turned off, and the output from six channels of the partitions will be turned on;
    ●There are independent volume control and master volume control for audio source input;
    ●With display of output power level indicator lamps (5 LED lights) on the front panel;

  • Stereo Amplifier for Mosque

  • 6 Zones Mixing Amplifier with USB
    Model:MP210UB MP310UB MP610UB MP1010UB

    ● The integral broadcasting power amplifier integrating MP3 player, FM tuner, partitioner (6 partitions), preamplifier and power amplifier.
    ● MP3/TUNER is subject to remote control, and it is possible to control the conversion between MP3/TUNER, selection of program, adjustment of volume, option repeat mode, and selection of EQ mode and so on by means of infrared remote control;and selection USB/SD.
    ● LED digital tube displaying volume, playing status, program number and so on.
    ● 2MIC inputs,3AUX inputs, and 1AUX output.
    ● 4-16Ω rated output.
    ● 6-zone output.
    ● Individual volume control and output level indication for each zone output.
    ● Mute function for priority input.
    ● Treble and Bass control.
    ● Chime with priority output.

  • 6 Zones Touch Screen Mixer Amplifier with USB and Bluetooth
    Model:MP2708 MP2715 MP2725 MP2735 MP2745 MP2765

    ● Support USB/SD/MP3/AM & FM/Bluetooth/schedule player.
    ● 6 zones output with separated switch control.
    ● 4.3” TFT capacitance touch screen.
    ● Touch and button-pressing control. Can operate with physical buttons when touch screen is broken.
    ● Built-in 4G MP3 program memory.
    ● Built-in radio; it can be manually / automatically searched and can store 40 radio channels.
    ● Built-in Bluetooth receiver module.
    ● 1 AUX ,1 Mic input ,1 AUX output.
    ● Separate volume control for MP3/FM/Bluetooth, AUX, Mic inputs.
    ● With Bass & Treble sound effect adjustment, with Master Volume control for all output.
    ● Weekly programmable schedule set with more than 100 daily programmable schedule points. It can remember where it ends abnormally when it restarts. More than 8 different plans for schedule set.

Commercial Amplifier is produced by our factory. As a manufacturer in China,we have OEM and ODM service for wholesalers who want customized Commercial Amplifier with cheap price. If you ask for uaotation request and RFQ,we will send you price list according to inquiry urgently.