Digital Column Speaker

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  • 100W/150W Digital Sound Beam Column Speaker
    Model:DSP1501 DSP1502

    ● Acoustically simulate the sound columns of different shapes, e.g. inclined, concave, convex and more complicates shapes.
    ●l Active sound column with inbuilt digital signal processor and digital power amplifier, so that it is no need for external power amplifier.
    ● Compatible with line signal input (300mV), line signal output (200mV) and broadcasting power signal input with fixed voltage (70V or 100V).
    ● Volume, tone and other parameters of the sound column adjustable.
    ● The LED array screen on the right lower of the sound column can display different parameters and messages.
    ● Operate from infrared remote controller.
    ● Compact size, easy installation and high electroacoustic sensitivity.

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