Digital Conference System

In order to meet clients’ different needs for the conference systems, DSPPA has developed the following digital conference systems.

MP9866 Series, Economic Conference System
This system consists of 3 models: MP9866 Conference Host, CM60 Chairman Microphone, CM61 Delegate Microphone. 
D6801 Series, Wireless Microphone System

This system consists of 3 models: D6801 Wireless Conference Host, D6802 Wireless Chairman Microphone, D6803 Wireless Delegate Microphone. 

D6201 Series, Intelligent Conference System
This system consists of 3 main models and other extension peripherals: D6201 Conference Host, D6221 Chairman Microphone, D6222 Delegate Microphone. 
D9001 Series, Paperless Conference System
This system mainly consists of conference server and computer/pad conference terminals. 
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  • 11.6" Line Array Desktop Network Microphone

    ● Paperless double-sided desktop terminal with IPS display screen;
    ● Capacitive touch screen, support handwriting on the screen;
    ● Low power consumption, good heat dissipation, support power-saving mode when standby;
    ● Support background central control (restart, power-off);
    ● Exquisite processing technique, beautiful and comfortable to use;
    ● Work through Ethernet, easy to connect, adjust and maintain.

  • High Definition Conference Recorder

    ● Can be embedded in a 2U case;
    ● Integrates video, audio, VGA, HDMI (DVI-D) input and HDMI (DVI-D), VGA, audio output.
    ● Supports 4 HD video inputs of HD-SDI, HDMI (DVI-D), VGA, and 2 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs;
    ● With resource, movie and multiple screen mode;
    ● HDMI and VGA HD simultaneous output, can easily realize simultaneous recording, local preview and playback of audio, video and computer signals;
    ● Fully meet the requirements of recording and broadcasting multimedia signals in teaching and training cases.

  • Portable File Management Server

    ● It integrates the advantages of flip-up portable computer, reinforced laptop and portable laptop;
    ● High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy structure, with scratch-resistant coating and EMI/RF protective layer;
    ● 2 external pull-out hard disk expansion boxes (disk array)
    ● Shock absorption for the box and hard disk;
    ● Skid-resistant handle.

  • Paperless Conference System Streaming Media Server

    ● X86 framework integrated design, aluminum alloy panel, with 9'' LCD, pull-out ultra-thin keyboard and mouse
    ● VGA input: US display chip resolution 1920*1080
    ● 2 external pull-out hard disk expansion boxes (disk array)
    ● Prevent others from using the switch key
    ● Super mute: AVC two-ball copper fan with the maximum noise of 21.6dB(A)
    ● 19'' standard rack-mounted installation
    ● Green environmental protection: low power consumption, low carbon emission, no mercury, sodium and other harmful substances, meeting the requirements of paperless green environmental protection.

  • Paperless Conference System Document Server

    ● Effective centralized management of multimedia paperless system in one meeting room or multiple meeting rooms
    ● Improving the ability of interactive transmission, management and information backup of conference information
    ● To manage and distribute files in the conference room (1-128 terminals) when used with paperless software
    ● Support check-in, voting, file projection, file display, file annotation and other functions on the terminal screen
    ● Meeting process files can be stored inside the smart Paperless Conferencing Server in real time

  • 8 Channel power controller

    ● There are 8 switches on the front which could be used to control on/off of relays under emergency circumstances. For example, when central control devices break down, this function could protect other equipment.
    ● There are 8 IO interfaces inside the controller which could be used without central control devices.
    ● Compatible with all existing central control protocols.
    ● Rotatable ID switch to set network ID code
    ● Terminals with triplet junction on each relay with normally open/close function.

Digital Conference System is produced by our factory. As a manufacturer in China,we have OEM and ODM service for wholesalers who want customized Digital Conference System with cheap price. If you ask for uaotation request and RFQ,we will send you price list according to inquiry urgently.