Intelligent PA System

Since 1988, DSPPA has been developing its Public Address Systems continuously. Till now, DSPPA has launched the following series into the markets to meet different needs of projects:
MP98 Series, Intelligent PA System.
It can realize 100 zones control and auto running after system set up. It consists of MP9807C CD/VCD/DVD music player, MP9808R AM/FM tuner, MP9811P preamplifier, MP1500 series power amplifiers, MP9810R remote paging station, MP9814T programmable, etc. It had been adopted in 2008 Beijing Olympics for its stable and reliable performance.
PC10 Series, Automatic PA System
It is upgraded from MP98 Series. Besides the basic functions of MP98 Series, it supports DC24V power supply and computer remote control.
MAG3210, Intelligent PA System.
10 zones control, 4.3” TFT touch screen, 2 remote paging stations, computer remote control, built-in EMC microphone, 4G SD card for timing programs and storage for audio source, USB/SD/FM audio source, 2 AUX line inputs.
MAG2120/MAG2140, Intelligent PA System.
20/40 zones control, 5.6” TFT touch screen, 4 remote paging stations, computer remote control, built-in EMC microphone, 2G built-in memory storage for system set up and audio source, USB/SD/AM/FM audio source, 8 AUX line inputs, 2 Mic inputs.
MAG808, 8x8 audio matrix system.
8 audio inputs, 8 audio outputs, 7” touch screen, 4 remote paging stations, computer and android smart phone remote control, 4G built-in memory storage for audio source, USB/FM audio source, 8 AUX line inputs, 2 Mic inputs (with phantom power), TEL input, 8 fire alarm inputs and one EMC output.
PA7500, Wireless PA System.
It can realize Public Address functions via wireless radio transmission. The PA7500 supports 64 zones control and 3 hierarchies control. It can transfer the signal 3km to 20km.
DSP9100, IP Network Audio System.
200 zones IP network PA system, supports off-line auto running.
MAG6182, IP Network PA System.
Modularized function design. Default 250 zones control, can be extended to 1000 zones or more. Support working within LAN network and can work across different networks
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  • High Power PA Power Amplifier
    Model:MP1500 MP2000 MP2500 MP3000 MP3500 MP4000

    ● Transformer isolated 100V, 70V and 4 Ohms speaker outputs.
    ● 5 LED indicator for status display.
    ● XLR socket and 6.35mm jack for link convenient.
    ● Output circuit shorting protection & display.
    ● Series amplifiers of high output power available.

  • PA System Sequence Controller

    ● Sequentially switching power supply for 16 channels
    ● Auto controlled by a timer or manual operates
    ● 4.5KVA of capacity available
    ● Friendly control panel, easy for use

  • PA System 10 Channel Switching Power

    ● 10CH Alarm input comes in
    ● 10CH Alarm link output
    ● 10CH DC 24V power switching outputs
    ● Friendly control panel, easy for use

  • PA System Telephone Interface

    ● Automatic and manual phone call answer and hang up function.
    ● Telephone conversation function available.
    ● Short-circuited signal output for system activation after phone call come in.

  • PA System Alarm Trigger

    ● 1 minutes digital REC / PLAY IC
    ● Record Level control
    ● Output volume control
    ● Friendly control panel, easy for use
    ● Alarm triggering and siren or recorded signal output

  • PA System Digital AM/FM Tuner

    ● Digital tuner with MPU control.
    ● Tuner in module design, which can be separated from the main unit to place at a position for better reception of the signal.
    ● Touch key and VFD display.
    ● 40 memories for each AM & FM.
    ● Auto save with auto station search.
    ● Level meter for audio output.
    ● Memory function after poweroff.

Intelligent PA System is produced by our factory. As a manufacturer in China,we have OEM and ODM service for wholesalers who want customized Intelligent PA System with cheap price. If you ask for uaotation request and RFQ,we will send you price list according to inquiry urgently.