Line Array Speaker

Line Array Speaker can be used in indoor and outdoor. Line array is a loudspeaker system that is made up of a number of usually identical loudspeaker elements mounted in a line and fed in phase, to create a near-line source of sound. The distance between adjacent drivers is close enough that they constructively interfere with each other to send sound waves farther than traditional loudspeakers. They are of slim design and wonderful sound effect. They are optical choice for conference and gathering parties.
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  • Slim Line Array Speaker

    ● Ultra thin and suitable forarchitectural surroundings;
    ● High sensitivity and high sound pressure level;
    ● Multi speakers can becombined by accessoriesand many installation modes;

  • 300W Mini Line Array Speaker with Subwoofer
    Model:LA1511S LA1511B

    ● Small cubage,lightweight, high SPLand high sensitivity;
    ● Variable curvature vertical (0-30 degrees) or modular, constant curvature horizontal array;
    ● The array has multi angles to adjust the position of array in vertical;
    ● Multi install modes like wall mount, overhead etc., suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

  • Waterproof Array Speaker
    Model:LA1512 LA1512S

    ●High sensitivity,high SPL,Stack up to 4 units ,maximum can connect up to 2 groups
    ●Adjustable vertical directivity angle to 60°, 45°, 30° or 15°
    ●Optional special transformer, for switching constant resistance / constantvoltage output mode
    ●Optional ceiling, wall-mount, stand-mount installation
    ●All weather design, ideal for indoor and outdoor venues,can external connect to subwoofer to increase low frequency sound

Line Array Speaker is produced by our factory. As a manufacturer in China,we have OEM and ODM service for wholesalers who want customized Line Array Speaker with cheap price. If you ask for uaotation request and RFQ,we will send you price list according to inquiry urgently.