Peripheral Equipment

In order to supply clients and end users with a one-stop solution, DSPPA also supply peripheral equipment like microphones, volume controllers, audio racks, etc.
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  • 8 Channel Amplifier Matrix Controller

    ●Support 4-8 zones selector and Main and Standby amplifier switcher;
    ●Main and standby amplifier switching mode can be: 8 mains and 1 standby, 4 main and 1 standby, 4 main and 4 standby, and 4 main and multiple standbys.
    ●Support hot plug for the power switching modules; can plug the power switching modules with electricity on after switching off all the zones on the interface, without powering off the device;
    ●With real-time power testing function and error testing function;
    ●With loading loop testing function;
    ●With multiple equalizer modes for selective;
    ●Individual volume and tone controls for each zone;
    ●Can monitor output for each zone;
    ●With color touch screen displaying all working status;
    ●Can be extended to support remote control and compatible with PC series control protocol;
    ●Can be extended to support AC110V, DC24V power supply;

  • 1U Integrated CD player with USB/FM/Bluetooth

    ●Full light touch button control, blue LCD display with high brightness and clear screen;
    ●With MP3 player, built-in USB interface, SD slot, CD disc tray;
    ●High-end CD suction movement;
    ●Bluetooth function;
    ●CD/MP3/MP4/VCD/DVD playback function;
    ●Built-in radio function, digital radio module with high sensitivity;
    ●With automatic search radio and storage function, AM/FM radio can store 40 stations respectively;
    ●The radio has a power-off memory function, which can start to work automatically after powered on;
    ●One-way mixed output, one-way Bluetooth output, one-way radio signal output, one-way CD/MP3 audio output;
    ●The mixed output supports simultaneous output of three-way audio of Bluetooth, radio signal and CD/MP3.
    ●Support Remote Control via the IR remote controller.

  • 8 Channels PA System Sequence Controller

    ●Independent 8-channel high power output
    ●Universal socket which supports multiple three-pole power socket
    ●Maximal output of single channel is 10A
    ●Total input current capacity is 10A
    ●On/off status of each channel on front panel for monitor use
    ●One-click switch to turn on/off each channel
    ●Can power on/off the amplifier in sequence to avoid high current to damage the amplifier or the power supply system
    ●Can be widely used in multimedia classrooms, multi-function halls, conference rooms, projection splicing, video conferencing, monitoring center, building control, management and command center and other fields

  • PA System Speaker Selector And Line Detector

    ● Independent detection of speaker line impedance change, open circuit, overload and light load for 20 zones
    ● High-performance industry-level CPU, 32 bit high-speed DSP technology which increases detection speed and precision in each zone
    ● With touch screen alarm display and beeper alarm for zone fault
    ● Max 2A output current of DC 24V wet contact
    ● Support scheduled detection of load status for each zone, even a zone that is turned off
    ● Support real-time detection of load status of closed zone
    ● With load short circuit protection function, automatic return to normal status after troubleshooting
    ● 4.3’ touch screen, easy to control and display working status of all zones
    ● With power-off memory function
    ● Compatible with 100V/70V system

Peripheral Equipment is produced by our factory. As a manufacturer in China,we have OEM and ODM service for wholesalers who want customized Peripheral Equipment with cheap price. If you ask for uaotation request and RFQ,we will send you price list according to inquiry urgently.