Social Responsibility

DSPPA takes the responsibility for feeding back the society. During the past years, Mr. Wang Heng, President of DSPPA, donates for schools, roads and bridges. The schools are Wenchuan No. Middle School, Dujiangyan Overseas Special School, Jiulian Middle School in west Guangdong, Beilian Elementary School and Heping Middle School; the road is West Guangdong Mount Area Road. DSPPA supports poor students until their graduation in a long term. What DSPPA have done for education is awarded by the government and society.

Schools, roads and bridges donated by Mr. Wang


In 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Wang donate 1,199 pieces antiques to the Thirteen Hongs of Guangzhou. These antiques are collected by the couple for many years. They are related to the Thirteen Hongs and with distinctive features of Qing Dynasty. Most of the collections are invaluable which are bought from overseas auction by Mr. Wang.
(The Thirteen Hongs of Guangzhou is a professional business group which deals with foreign trade in Qing dynasty).