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Classroom Audio Solution-Mini60
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Classroom Audio Solution-Mini60

This is a classroom public address solution powered by the class D mixing amplifier Mini60. It can be applied in a classroom up to 80㎡ to meet the needs of voice reinforcement. It supports multiple inputs such as aux line, USB, SD sticker, microphone and Bluetooth. The front microphone has priority and muting function, which helps PA speakers to deliver his/her speech. With a friendly control panel for easy use and all digital data process, it’s an ideal choice for classroom voice reinforcement.



System products related:

Mini60—2x30W Bluetooth Class D Mixing Amplifier;

DSP118—PA Ceiling Speaker;

DSP328—PA Wall Mount Speaker;


1. 2x30W stereo output, high efficiency;

2. Multiple inputs: aux line, microphone, USB, SD sticker, Bluetooth;

3. Support USB record function by mic or Aux inputs;

4. Front Mix with priority function and muting function;

5. LED display, digital program control and volume control