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DSP6626C Classroom Audio Solution
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DSP6626C Classroom Audio Solution

This is a classroom audio solution powered by the active speaker DSP6606. DSP6606 is a stereo active speaker with built-in 2x30 W amplifier. It can be applied in a classroom up to 80 m2 to meet the needs of voice reinforcement.

DSP6626C is a pen-shape wireless microphone with slim and light design,which can infrared matching automatically. It also provides charging socket to provide lasting power. It has built-in volume control to make sure the high fidelity voice output. The function of paging turning of PowerPoint and laser pen help the teachers to have high efficient teaching experience. It’s an ideal choice for classroom voice reinforcement.



DSP6616A Wireless Receiver


1. UHL wireless MIC system

2. Infrared automatic charging

3. 200 mics do not interfere with each other

DSP6626C Pen-shape Wireless Microphone


1. Infrared automatic matching

2. Adjustable volume, with charging socket

3. 60m accessibility

4. Paging turning of PowerPoint, laser pen function

DSP6606 Active Speaker


1. Built-in 2x30W high fidelity class D digital amplifier

2. Support AUX line and microphone input for excellent musical and vocal reproduction

3. Allow chain connection to more DSP6606 for bigger coverage areas