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CMA Choi Cheung KOK secondary school recently applied DSPPA IP Network System MAG6000 for intelligent teaching and smart management in education.

CMA Choi Cheung KOK secondary school is located in 1 Tsing Hoi circuit, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, China. Founded in 1984, the school the school covers an area of 6680 square meters. It is actively cultivated the younger generation of industrial talent, and has made many achievements so far.


To integrate the teaching system construction and minimize the wiring configuration, DSPPA offers professional IP network solutions and equipment based on the structure and feature of the school. IP network system MAG6000 is successfully installed in each classroom in 2017.


DSPPA IP network system can be attached to anywhere with network access. It supports TCP/IP and is compatible to share WAN/LAN network. It can play the background music, emergency calls and warning signals from system controllers. The broadcasting covers every classroom and every corner in the school, and it’s more convenient for school management.


Product Display


Operation interface


MAG6588, MP2000, MP2500


DSP408, MAG6463B, DSP8062B

Installation Scene

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