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Chung Cheng High School recently applied DSPPA iTeach Voice Enhancement System DSP5505 for intelligent teaching and smart operating in education.


Chung Cheng High School - Singapore, is located in 50 Goodman Road, Singapore. Founded in 1939, the school actively cultivated bilingual and bi-cultural talents. And It was awarded the School Excellence Award (SEA) and was placed in Band 1 for the recent school ranking exercise 2007.


To integrate the teaching system construction and minimize the wiring configuration, DSPPA offers professional iTeach solutions and equipment based on the structure and feature of the school. iTeach DSP5505 intelligent teaching digital wireless system is successfully installed in 52 classrooms in 2017.


Built-in dual pairing multiple room teaching system and 98dB SPL& 92dB SNR, it can gain without any feedback with 3D sound dispersion technology, and it doesn’t need to destroy the existing decoration or increasing costs of installation. Namely, it’s very simple and convenient to use.

Product Display


      DSP5505R                   DSP5505C

Bluetooth Speaker        Wireless Microphone


Installation Scene

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