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DSPPA PA System Applied in Q Mart, Hanoi, Vietnam
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DSPPA PA System Applied in Q Mart, Hanoi,Vietnam

Q Mart, Hanoi-900(001)

Q Mart is a chain convenience store in Vietnam which belongs to T&T Group, a multi-national enterprise. DSPPA PA system was applied in Q Mart in Hanoi to realize background music playback and paging function. After completing system construction, our customer is extremely satisfied with the system.

Product display

Q Mart, Hanoi-MP600U(001)

Q Mart, Hanoi-1(001)

Q Mart, Hanoi-2(001)

System Diagram

Q Mart, Hanoi-system(001)

Installation Scene


Q Mart, Hanoi-5(001)

Product List

Q Mart, Hanoi-list(001)

For more information about MP600U, please visit our website:http://www.dsppatech.com/product/mp600u-2-zones-integrated-mixer-amplifier-with-remote-paging.html