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Kindergarten PA Solution-MP825
Apr 27, 2018

This is a 6 Zones PA solution powered by MP825. It can be applied in kindergartens to meet the needs of public broadcasting. It can realize the ensured functions of public address such as emergency broadcast, business announcement, and background broadcast. The main control host mixing Amplifier MP812 can be placed in the control room while the loudspeakers can be placed in appointed places like classrooms, corridors, playgrounds, etc. It supports remote paging, thus the paging microphone can be placed in the offices away from the control room. Gardens speakers of the shapes of mushroom and rock also fit the surroundings well.



6 zones broadcast with individual volume control;

Bass and treble control for each zone;

Supports up to 3 remote paging stations;

Supports USB and Bluetooth MP3 input;

With one-touch emergency button;

Kindergarten PA Solution-MP825.jpg

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