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MAG6000 Security City Solution
Apr 27, 2018

MAG6000 network is a multi-functional digital broadcasting system based on DSPPA contract and compatible with TCP/IP 

contract. With the supporting accessories of MAG6406 and MAG6408, the MAG6000 system can be installed in the public

spaces of the city to reinforce the public security.


Application: street, station square, tourist spot, community, etc.



Use the network to transfer signal, combine the network together to set up an outdoor interaction alarm system.

Apply the Unicast technology, spot-to-spot transmission, reinforce the reliability of the network.


The control host is compatible with terminals with different functions, responds respectively to different demands of each terminal, provides characteristic service.


The control host can respond to the emergency demand of the terminals in time, set up the data transmission between the

emergency terminal and the appointed monitor terminal to fulfill the real-time speech between the the emergency terminal and the monitor spot.

There are warning light, status indicator, microphone, loudspeaker and SOS button on the outdoor emergency terminals.

They can be found and used easily.

The outdoor emergency terminals have waterproof function.

The outdoor emergency terminals have voice alert function.



MAG6182—Network Public Address Center

MAG6406—Emergency terminal in box formation

MAG6408—Emergency terminal in column formation

MAG6588—Network paging microphone

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