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Audio Matrix System

  • Digital Audio Matrix

    MAG808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix
    7” touch screen, built-in control software, integrated with audio matrix, zones, timing, voice alarm, etc.
    8 channel balanced audio inputs, 8 channel...
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  • Remote Paging Microphone

    MAG808R 8 Zones Remote Paging Microphone
    Support 8 zones
    Clear signal level indication
    Built-in 2 kinds of chime signal
    Match with MAG808 matrix host
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  • Remote Control PAnel

    MAG808C 8 Zones Remote Control Panel
    Network port balanced output audio
    Audio signal level indicator
    Partition source control and volume control
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  • Mini Remote Control PAnel

    MAG808S Mini Remote Control Panel
    Individual partition source selection
    Individual partition volume control
    Network port balanced audio output
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