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Intelligent Public address Host

Intelligent Public address Host

MAG2189 250 Zones Intelligent Public Address Host
10.4" color touch screen for friendly and easy use.
48 remote paging channels available
Strong audio matrix design, 50 audio sources input, extend to 250 zones

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10.4" color touch screen for friendly and easy use.
48 remote paging channels available
Strong audio matrix design, 50 audio sources input, extend to 250 zones
Modularized function design, end users can add different modules according to different projects, like Priority Input Module, Common Input Module, Partition Output Module, Monitoring Module, Input/Output Extension Module and so on
Built-in memory storage for audio source, support background music without external source device (up to one week with no repeat). Customers can change the audio source with USB.
Customized sound sources are available, ceremonial music, body exercises music, chimes, alarms, etc.
TEL module: Telephone interface and auto phone-call responding are available
Fire alarm function for all kinds of emergency broadcasting, alarming and paging
Built-in RS232 interfaces for communication with external equipment via MRS-9 cable
The technology of the emergency work with a compensation system after system-crash
Support remote computer control via software
Industrial PCB design for Public Address projects, stable and reliable.

This MAG2189 is an intelligent Public Address Centre. The industrial circuit board guarantee the stable running for the whole system. It has 10.4" color touch screen and automatic Chinese/English display mode conversion, operating conveniently and easily. 1-48 remote paging channels and strong audio matrix design. Built-in optional module function: Common input, Priority input, Partition Common Output, Monitoring, Extended output/input module and so on. Built-in DSPPA sound resource for BGM. Support background music without external source device.
It is a Public Address System solution suitable for medium and large venues like station, stadium, exhibition center, commercial building, park, scenic port, government, college or university, hotel, villa, industry, bank, jail and so on.

Front Panel


1) Key Switch (POWER)
2) power indicator
3) Built-in CD disc
4) CD Button (open/close)
5) Hand-held EMC MIC stand
6) Hand-held EMC MIC Interface
7) USB
8) Touch Pad
10) Screen

Rear Panel


1) Connect the extension box
2) Functional extension module
3) Reserved interface
4) Data exchange port
5) Network interface
6) DSPPA audio player signal output
7) Built-in CD player signal output
8) Chime/ alarm signal output
9) EMC MIC audio signal output
10) Power input and fuse holder(AC220-240V)
11) Timing power output socket
12) Cooling ventilation window




Screen size

10.4 inches


Touch pad + Touch screen

Work environment

Temperature: 5-35℃; humidity: 0.75%; Pressure: 86-106kPa

Power timer capacity

Mono 2A, 4 channels total 5A

System audio N/S

LINE: 75dB; MIC: 60dB

System audio distortion

Less than 0.5% @ 1kHz;

System audio input levels

LINE: 250mV; MIC: 3mV

System audio impedances

LINE:10kΩ; MIC: 600Ω

System audio output level


Power supply

AC 220-240V/50-60Hz/120W

Outer Packing Size(mm)


Unit Size (mm)

(L×W×H)484×485×305 mm

Gross Weight



Net Weight




1 manual, 1 power supply cord 2 keys and 1 protecting glass

System software

MAG software pack, licensed.

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