Audiovisual PA System

  • The authoritative expert in the field of matrix mixer -- Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. will introduce you the introduction and working principle of matrix mixer today. Our series of high-quality products represented by 4x4 Matrix Mixer Amplifier have become a model in the industry, and buyers all over the world are welcome to wholesale and buy. A matrix mixer is an audio electronic device that routes multiple input audio signals to multiple outputs.


  • 4x4 Matrix Mixer Amplifier is your good choice.In the matrix project, we will often use the requirement of 4 inputs and 4 outputs HDMI matrix mixed signals with multiple inputs and multiple outputs at the same time. Through the input of different types of signals and the requirements of outputting the same or different types of signals to the display device, we will use To the mixing matrix, by selecting one or more channels of the same or different signals to output to one or more channels of large-screen splicing display devices, the signal switching and distribution functions are performed.