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Basic knowledge of home theater audio equipment maintenance

1. Before turning the speaker on or off,
Try to minimize the volume level of the power amplifier, so that it will have a good protection for the power amplifier and the speaker.

2. Reset all function keys after using the speaker equipment;
If it is not reset for a long time, the torsion spring will be under stress for a long time, which will easily cause malfunction of the device.

3. The normal working temperature of the speaker equipment should be within 18°~45°. If the temperature is too low, the sensitivity of some devices will be reduced; if it is too high, it will burn out the components or cause the components to age in advance.
Never avoid being close to a heat source, or direct sunlight.

4. When the theater audio equipment is turned on, first turn on the CD player,
Turn on the front stage and the back stage, turn the power of the power amplifier to the minimum when turning on the power; turn off the power amplifier first when turning off, and turn off the amplifier's amplification function completely, so turn off the front-end equipment, no matter how much impact current is generated, it will not affect Amplifier and speakers.

5. Do not adjust the sound too much when the theater equipment is turned on.
Turning the volume up after the standby unit warms up can reduce equipment damage.

6. Theater audio equipment should avoid using a common set of power supplies with other electrical appliances, because the absorption of noise between the wires will damage their sound quality;
Therefore, whether it is a connection line or equipment, it must be kept free of interference from other appliances.

7. Avoid stacking the devices.
When playing the device, the two devices will interfere with the transmission of their respective frequency bands, which will cause a kind of sound pollution, which will not only affect the audiovisual but also cause damage to the machinery and equipment.
The best solution is to separate the various devices on a fixed rack.

8. Do not open the amplifier to connect the speaker cable.
Because the spacing between the terminals of the speaker is generally very close, it is easy to cause a short circuit of the speaker wire when wiring, and eventually burn the amplifier quickly.

9. Home theater equipment is best used frequently.
Long-term rotation of the equipment will reduce the service life of the equipment to a certain extent.
Especially in high-temperature or humid seasons, it is best to power on for more than half an hour every day. The heat generated by the components in the device during operation can drive off the moisture to a certain extent to avoid moisture and mildew inside the device.
When not in use, cover the device with a dust cover, cover cloth, or the like to prevent dust from entering the device.

10. Theater equipment should be cleaned and inspected every six months.
Metal objects are easily oxidized when exposed to air for a long time.