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Under what circumstances will the conference room audio equipment emit a sharp, harsh sound?

For example, when the microphone is close to the speaker, it makes a harsh sound. There are certain basic processes for the installation and use of audio equipment in the conference room. When we install the audio equipment in the conference room, the sound reinforcement system selected is unreasonable, or the environment and installation of the audio equipment have an unreasonable layout. Howling phenomenon, or "feedback gain".

Generally speaking, the use environment of the sound reinforcement system installed in the conference room is relatively quiet, as long as the layout is reasonable, there will be no howling phenomenon, but sometimes due to the interference of certain factors, the howling phenomenon is also inevitable. Below, we Let me introduce you to the causes and solutions of howling in the conference room.

We know that the final effect of any speech sound reinforcement system will be affected by two aspects, one is the sound reinforcement system itself, and the other is the use environment. Therefore, howling in the conference room audio system is probably the result of the combined effect of these two unfavorable factors.