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Reasons for howling of audio equipment in conference rooms

1. The walls around the meeting room are made of plastic aluminum plates and other materials to form a smooth interface, and the sound reflection is strong. The strong reflected sound enters the microphone, which is amplified by the system to generate positive feedback, causing howling.
2. The speaker installation position is not good. A pair of speakers are placed at the two corners of the conference room. The sound they emit is equal to the height of the microphone. The direct sound or the sound reflected by the wall is more likely to enter the microphone, and howling is inevitable.
3. The speaker is too far away from the microphone, resulting in a light sound, but increasing the volume, due to the limitation of the transmission gain, will also produce howling.
4. The system has no electronic acoustic feedback suppressor, and it is also prone to howling.
5. The space of the conference room is small and the sound wave is poorly diffused.
6. The speaker has a peak at a certain frequency in the sound characteristics. What happens if there is a peak? The microphone will continue to receive the peak value, and the audio will continue to play back the peak value. Many times a second, the peak value will be amplified indefinitely until the device is damaged.