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The solution of howling in the conference room audio equipment

In fact, it may be unrealistic to completely eliminate the howling of the conference room audio system, but the following measures can greatly reduce the phenomenon of howling:
1. The system adds electronic acoustic feedback suppressor to adjust various parameters.
2. Use good microphone and conference room audio. Why do you say that? Because good conference room speakers and microphones are very smooth in terms of sound characteristics, this smoothness does not mean that his curve is straight. Instead, the waveform is too smooth and the slope is small. In this way, there will be no comb filter and there will be no peaks in a narrow band, and howling will naturally occur rarely.
3. Change the current speaker placement to roof hanging and adjust its radiation direction. Due to the bulkiness of the existing speakers, which affects the appearance and safety, replace the speakers for the conference room.
4. Strictly require the distance between the speaker's mouth and the microphone to be controlled within 15 cm.
5. In terms of environment, add pendants, soft bags, etc. with sound absorption function, and draw heavy curtains, etc.