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How the Professional Stereo Power Amplifier works


The full name of the power amplifier is the Professional Stereo Power Amplifier, and its function is to amplify the input audio signal to a power sufficient to drive the speaker.
In the working principle of professional power amplifiers, there is nothing special from the perspective of amplification. There are two parts of voltage amplification and current amplification inside the power amplifier. Generally, in the circuit of the power amplifier, the front part is voltage amplification and the back part is current amplification. So, the product of voltage and current is power amplification.
There are roughly two types of power amplifiers on the market, one is civilian power amplifier, and the other is professional power amplifier.
The output power of a civil power amplifier is roughly within 100 watts, and there are many input ports, and there may be two to six options. In addition, most of the port input ends are unbalanced and become a lotus plug or RCA plug interface, sometimes Added the function of high and low bass adjustment.
Compared with civilian power amplifiers, professional power amplifiers have many differences. 1, the power is too large, from 200-1000 watts, 2, the input port has only one channel with the same A/B, and 3, the input port form will include two types. That is, the unbalanced port and the balanced Canon or XLR port, 4. When adjusting the volume, you need to adjust the A/B two volume potentiometers respectively.
The input end of a professional power amplifier is generally a mixer or the like.Professional Stereo Power Amplifier is your good choice.