IP Network PA System

Introduction to the structure and function of the poe switch


We produce POE Network Column Speaker .POE: power of Ethernet, power over Ethernet technology.
POE switch: The switch is powered by the twisted pair of Ethernet. The switch does not require other AC to DC power supplies, which is convenient for wiring.
The physical transmission medium of Ethernet is generally twisted pair. The twisted pair has 4 pairs of 8 wires. We usually only use 1, 2 wire pairs and 3, 6 wire pairs for sending and receiving, and the other 4 , 5, 7, 8, POE uses them as power transmission, so a twisted pair of POE can transmit both signals and power.
In fact, there are not only POE switches, as long as they support POE, there can be POE repeaters, POE routers, etc. POE Network Column Speaker is your good choice.