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DSPPA Supports the 14th National Games of the PRC


The 14th National Games has 35 major events and 410 minor events. The number of events is more than that of the Olympic Games, the largest ever, and the events will be held in 51 venues in Shaanxi Province. As for this sports event, DSPPA public address system, digital conference system, professional sound reinforcement system and other products has facilitated the construction of multiple competition venues.



DSPPA Public Address System



The Shaanxi Swimming and Diving Hall, the Women’s Basketball Stadium of the 14th National Games, Yulin Vocational and Technical College Gymnasium, Linwei District Gymnasium and other venues have adopted the DSPPA public address system, which is mainly used for information release, guiding audiences, and playing background music. In case of emergencies, emergency broadcasts can be inserted forcibly to assist on-site command and evacuation of the crowd, and escort the orderly operation of the National Games.


DSPPA迪士普数字会议系统DSPPA Digital Conference System




The conference room of the gymnasium of Yulin Vocational and Technical College also adopts DSPPA digital conference system, five conference modes of which can ensure the orderly discussion of working staff and referees. The conference microphone has strong directivity, high-fidelity sound quality, long pickup distance, and high speech intelligibility, with uniform sound field and sufficient sound pressure to ensure the smooth progress of the conference.