IP Network PA System

The main functions and classification of POE switches


A poe switch is a switch that can be powered by a network cable. It is used to replace an ordinary switch. There is no need to pull the power line. The network cable is used to transmit data while transmitting power. Generally, friends who have done security engineering will consider poe switches for power supply, and they use them more. Compared with traditional power lines, it is more convenient and stable, and greatly saves costs.
The main function of the poe switch is to supply power, that is, to provide stable power supply to some IP-based network devices through the network cable. These devices include web cameras, wireless APs, and Internet phones. There are many poe switches on the market, and Fengrunda poe switches intelligent dual-standard power supply, which can supply power to network equipment without the need for additional power line layout.
The poe switch is powered by a network cable, and our common standard network cables are all Category 5, that is, there are 4 pairs of twisted pairs with 8 pins, and 2 metal wires are twisted periodically to form a telecommunications transmission line. Only two of them are used in 10m bps and 100mbps, the other two are in idle state, using empty pins 4, 5, 7, 8 to transmit current, 1, 2, 3, 6 to transmit data, this kind of Ethernet The power supply method is called the intermediate jumper method. What needs to be understood is that all 4 pairs are used in 1000mbps.
The other is to use the data signal and the electrical signal at different operating frequencies to modulate the electrical signal and the data signal, so that the electrical signal and the data signal are transmitted together through the data pins 1, 2, 3, and 6. This kind of Ethernet power supply The method is called the end jumper method. Whether it is the middle jumper method or the end jumper method, it is the standard poe power supply, but the default power supply method of the poe switch on the market is generally the end jumper method. POE Stereo IP Network Terminal With Amplifier is your good choice.