Voice Evacustion System

Different types of commercial speakers

Moving coil commercial speaker
A microphone that produces an electrical signal from a conductor moving in a magnetic field. The coil is vibrated by the diaphragm, so that the coil in the magnetic field generates induced current. Features: firm structure, stable performance, durability and low price; Good frequency characteristics, flat amplitude frequency characteristic curve in the frequency range of 50-15000hz; Good directivity; No DC working voltage, easy to use and low noise.

Condenser commercial speaker
The diaphragm of this kind of microphone is an electrode of the capacitor. When the diaphragm vibrates, the distance between the diaphragm and the fixed rear plate changes, resulting in variable electric capacity. This variable capacitance and the preamplifier carried by the microphone generate signal voltage together.

Features of the condenser business speaker: good frequency characteristics, flat amplitude frequency characteristic curve in the audio range, which is better than dynamic microphone; Non directionality; High sensitivity, low noise and soft; The output signal level is relatively large, the distortion is small, and the transient response performance is good, which is an advantage that dynamic microphone can not achieve; The working characteristics are not stable enough, the low-frequency sensitivity decreases with the increase of service time, and the service life is relatively short. DC power supply is required during operation, resulting in inconvenient use.


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