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Can POE switches really replace ordinary switches?


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Can POE (Power Over Ethernet) switches be used as ordinary switches? The problem is very good. The POE switch can be used as an ordinary switch, but it must be a POE switch that supports the 802.3at/af protocol generated by a regular manufacturer, because these POE switches will provide a low-voltage detection front-end device before power supply Whether it is a device that supports POE, if not, then no power supply, if so, gradually increase the voltage to complete the power supply, so the POE switch can be used as an ordinary switch, but the price of the POE switch is many times that of the ordinary switch, and it is too wasteful to be an ordinary switch Come on, emergency is okay.
POE refers to the transmission of data signals for some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, wireless LAN access points AP, network cameras, etc.) without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure At the same time, the technology that can provide DC power for this type of equipment is a switch that supports Power over Ethernet.
Working process of POE switch:
1. Detection: The POE switch outputs a very small voltage at the port until it detects that the connection of the cable terminal is a power-receiving device that supports the IEEE802.3af standard.
2. PD device classification: After detecting the power receiving device PD, the POE switch may classify the PD device and evaluate the power loss required by the PD device.
3. Start power supply: During a configurable time (generally less than 15μs) startup period, the POE switch starts to supply power to the PD device from a low voltage until it provides a 48V DC power supply.
4. Power supply: Provide stable and reliable 48V direct current for PD equipment, which can meet the power consumption of PD equipment not exceeding 15.4W.
5. Power failure: If the PD device is disconnected from the network, the POE switch will quickly (usually within 300-400ms) stop powering the PD device, and repeat the detection process to detect whether the terminal of the cable is connected to the PD device . 
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