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Do you know the five advantages of POE power supply?


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With the rapid development of network informatization, PoE power supply has gradually become familiar to everyone, and POE Network Terminal with Amplifier is your good choice! PoE-powered network cameras, wireless APs, access control and other equipment can be seen everywhere in public places. So, what are the advantages of the PoE power supply solution?
1. Advantages of PoE technology
1. Flexibility
Anyone who knows a little about PoE power supply technology knows that only one network cable is needed. PoE can transmit data while supplying power to network equipment, without wiring, simple and space saving, and the equipment can be moved at will, with great flexibility sex.
Advantages of PoE power supply
2. Cost saving
In many surveillance projects, surveillance cameras need to be installed in places where it is difficult to deploy AC power. PoE eliminates the need for expensive power supplies and the time it takes to install power supplies, saves power cords and power sockets, and saves a lot of money. and time.
Take the 4-point monitoring project as an example, let's calculate the cost (approximate cost) of non-PoE and PoE power supply methods respectively. It can be seen from Table 1: The cost of the non-PoE power supply project, including the cost of cameras, switches, power adapters, network cables, power cords, and labor costs, is about 3,300 yuan, and the cost of PoE power supply is 2,340 yuan. The PoE method can save about 30% of the cost.
PoE can improve cost performance
3. Centralized power supply
With PoE power supply, only a single UPS can provide power supply for all related equipment when the power is off.
4. Safe and reliable
As we all know, 220V strong current is very dangerous. If the power supply cable is damaged, it is easy to leak. The PoE switch power supply is relatively safe, it provides a voltage of 48V. In addition, PoE will only supply power to the devices that need power supply. Only when the devices that need power supply are connected, the Ethernet cable will have voltage, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line, and it is safe and reliable.
5. Intelligent management
PoE equipment can manage the power supply through the network, remotely monitor and control the power supply, and realize automatic maintenance. The product has a wealth of two-layer network management functions, and PoE power supply management and scheduled task management can be performed through the WEB interface.
Among them, the PoE power supply management function can be set to stop power supply to some office equipment during non-working hours, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving; the PoE scheduled task function can automatically restart the equipment at a specified time, thereby avoiding the camera or wireless AP from crashing due to buffer overflow. The application of these functions makes the network system more stable, more energy-saving, and greatly improves the degree of intelligence.