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The power supply performance of the POE switch is unstable? How to improve the stability of the switch?


Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. today introduces you how to improve the stability of the switch! The POE switch brings us great convenience, but because of the powerful function of the POE switch, it also has its shortcomings. The stability of the POE switch is the most significant factor among these shortcomings, so that the POE switch can be more stable. Some, we are also bothering our brains. So, what should we do to make it stable? How to improve the stability of POE switches? Next, let's follow the editor of Feichang Technology to take a look!
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1. Transmission distance: Although PoE power supply is convenient and flexible, the linear distance of power supply cannot exceed 100 meters. There are both power signals and data signals in the network cable. There is no limit to the distance of the power signal, which can be 200 meters or 500 meters, but data transmission will not work. It has loss, and the longer the distance, the greater the loss. In order to ensure the best video picture effect, according to data transmission standards, the distance of PoE power supply cannot exceed 100 meters.
2. PoE switch selection is inappropriate: that is, the quality of the selected PoE switch is not good enough, or the model selection is wrong. The choice of cheap POE exchange has a great influence. In a medium-to-large monitoring project, or a place with very high monitoring requirements, choosing a PoE switch from an unknown small manufacturer is likely to cause problems, because the product quality and performance cannot be 100% guaranteed.
This was the case with a friend before. After comparing several companies, I finally chose the lowest-priced PoE switch. Since they are all PoE switches, they must be able to supply power. There is no difference between good and bad. As a result, the power supply was unstable, and then went on strike. Later, I found someone to fix it, and the professionals suggested that he replace it with a good PoE switch. Later, according to the specific situation of the project, he replaced it with a good brand PoE switch, and the problem was solved.
In addition, although a better PoE switch has been selected, it won’t work if the model is wrong. For example, a place where a full Gigabit PoE switch should be used, but a 100M or 100-1000 mixed PoE switch is used, will cause data transmission delays, jams, and loss, which will not achieve the best monitoring results. This is the bandwidth issue of PoE switches.
3. The last thing to say is that since the PoE switch is a power supply device, the power supply must be involved. If the power supply is too small, it is not enough to drive the camera to work.
So how should the stability of PoE switch application be improved? It's actually very simple: good quality network cables, high-performance PoE switches, suitable power supply distances, and suitable power supply models.
Everything is not 100% advantageous, and PoE switches are no exception. No matter how popular it is in network monitoring, it has its own shortcomings.
The power supply distance mentioned above is one that cannot exceed 100 meters, and the other is power supply. If the total power of the equipment that needs to be powered (the power of the infrared light is also added to the camera with infrared light) exceeds 30W, it is not suitable to use PoE. The power supply is up.
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