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What is an industrial PoE switch, can an industrial PoE switch be used as a normal switch?


An expert in the field of POE switches - Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. is here to tell you what an industrial PoE switch is, and can an industrial PoE switch be used as a normal switch?
PoE industrial switch refers to an industrial switch with PoE power supply, or an industrial-grade PoE switch. The industrial PoE switch is based on the existing industrial Ethernet switch, by embedding a PoE power supply chip, through the network cable to provide terminal network equipment. Power and data transmission, realize PoE power supply scheduling for terminal equipment, and provide more convenient and safer transmission applications for the application field of industrial network. Therefore, when network devices are deployed in industrial sites, even in the face of extremely harsh industrial environments, severe electromagnetic interference can adapt to complex industrial environments and promote the deployment of industrial automation networks.
Can a PoE switch be used as a normal switch?
A PoE switch is a switch with PoE function, which can be connected with ordinary switches. It can transmit data while supplying power, and the main function of ordinary switches is to exchange data, and does not have the function of power supply. For example, in the case of no power supply, there is a surveillance camera connected to a common switch using a network cable. There is no doubt that this surveillance camera cannot work normally. In the same situation, this surveillance camera is connected to a PoE switch through a network cable. Then this surveillance camera can work normally, which is the essential difference between PoE switches and ordinary switches.
The PoE switch has the function of a switch, of course, it can be used as a normal switch, but when used as a normal switch, it does not maximize the value of the PoE switch, but wastes the powerful functions of the PoE switch. If you do not need to provide DC power to the connected devices and only need to transmit data, it is recommended that you use a normal switch. If you need not only data transmission but also power supply, it is recommended that you choose a PoE switch.