• 4x4 Matrix Mixer Amplifier is your good choice.In the matrix project, we will often use the requirement of 4 inputs and 4 outputs HDMI matrix mixed signals with multiple inputs and multiple outputs at the same time. Through the input of different types of signals and the requirements of outputting the same or different types of signals to the display device, we will use To the mixing matrix, by selecting one or more channels of the same or different signals to output to one or more channels of large-screen splicing display devices, the signal switching and distribution functions are performed.


  • 2 Zone Compact highly integrated voice alarm and public address system is your good choice.The general public address system can be divided into six parts: audio source output equipment, audio source pre-input equipment, power amplifier equipment, transmission line, speaker system and various management control equipment.


  • Dante EVAC Fireman Microphone is your good choice.This linkage program has been prepared according to the system logic editing and programming, and it can be started directly; To start manually, press and hold the button on the relevant floor of the activated bus panel, such as the first floor button, directly start the first floor, and press it again to close it. When a separate call is required, it is controlled from the manual bus panel button.


  • 20W Portable Bluetooth teaching Speaker is your good choice.A portable Bluetooth speaker is actually a combination of a rechargeable speaker + Bluetooth receiver. As long as the speaker has Bluetooth function, you can use the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone. You can try the following steps: 1. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker first, and then turn on the phone. 2. In the phone settings, turn on the Bluetooth function.


  • The 30W Anti Explosion Horn Speaker has obtained an explosion-proof certificate and has a device to prevent static electricity. It can be used in flammable and explosive warehouses such as oil refineries, synthetic ammonia, paint shops and other horns.


  • The full name of the power amplifier is the Professional Stereo Power Amplifier, and its function is to amplify the input audio signal to a power sufficient to drive the speaker. In the working principle of professional power amplifiers, there is nothing special from the perspective of amplification. There are two parts of voltage amplification and current amplification inside the power amplifier.