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DSPPA Conference System Applied By Arxan Forum, Inner Mongolia
Oct 18, 2018

Arxan Forum-0

The first Arxan Forum was successfully held in Inner Mongolia, China from 16 to 17 September, 2018 with the aim of developing an international consensus based around shared interests. More than 300 experts and academics, government officials, financial practitioners and representatives from scientific research institutions gathered together in Arxan, Xing'an Prefecture where they discussed the prospect of a shared future for all mankind.

DSPPA conference system including professional conference system, central control matrix, Simultaneous interpreting system and hand-in-hand conference system was applied in the conference hall which contributed to the success of Arxan Forum.

Product Display

D6211 Intelligent Conference MIC Extender

Arxan Forum-D6211

  • Conform to IEC 60914 international standard

  • Conference system Mic extender

  • One D62000 system support up to 32 extenders

  • One extender can connect with 128 Mic


D6215 12-Channel Interpretation Host

Arxan Forum-D6215

  • Conform to IEC 60914 international standard

  • Work with the intelligent conference system host D6201

  • Can connect with 11 interpretation Mic D6229, realize 11+1 languages interpretation function

  • With 12 audio output channels to connect with Infrared

  • Transmitting Host D6304


D6221/D6222 Desktop Microphone with Voting Function

Arxan Forum-D6221

  • Conform to IEC 60914 international standard

  • Integrated with functions of speech, voting and built-in speaker

  • Two colors indicators, red stands for speaking, green stands for applying to speak

  • Built-in Hi-Fi speaker, will be muted automatically when the Mic is turned on to avoid whistling

  • 3.5mm stereo earphone jack, volume adjustable

  • With 5 buttons for voting, with sign-in function

  • Every Mic with unique ID code, can be set up via host D6201

  • Built-in LCD screen, can display information as Mic ID, voting result, sign-in number, etc.

  • With camera tracking function, can be set up via host D6201 or PC software

  • Power supply from the host/extender, working power DC 24V

  • Support cascaded linkage, T shape linkage or + shape linkage

  • Chairman Mic with priority functions, can be set up via host D6201 or PC software


    D6229 12-Channel Interpretation Microphone

Arxan Forum-D6229

  • Conform to IEC 60914 international standard

  • With built-in Hi-Fi speaker, 3.5mm earphone jack, volume adjustable

  • Connect with the interpretation host D6215 via 8-pin cable, confidential & reliable

  • Professional cardioid condenser Mic, with 2 LED indicators for status display

  • 3.2" true color touch screen, friendly interface, easy to use

  • Support direct interpretation and indirect interpretation function

  • Can set up corresponding language-channel interpretation

  • Support intercom communication between interpretation microphones

  • Can set up administrator to monitor other interpretation units

  • Power supply from the interpretation host D6215, working power DC 24V

  • Support cascaded linkage, T shape linkage or + shape linkage


D6283II Conference Camera

Arxan Forum-D6283II

  • 1/2.8 inches high quality image sensor, maximal 1920×1080
    resolution, output frame rate 60fps

  • 12, 20 or 30 times optical lens to choose

  • Support HDMI HD output, 3G-SDI and wired LAN HD output

  • Use RS232, RS485 or network to control cameras, support VISCA, PELCO-D, PELCO-P protocols

  • Support image shielding when presetting position

  • Support up to 255 preset positions

  • Support recording, remote conference, remote medical treatment, trial system, command system, network live show and so on


    Installation Scene

System Diagram

Arxan Forum-D6201

To know more about DSPPA Conference System, please visit our website at http://www.dsppatech.com/audio-system/discussionvotingsign-ininterpretationvideo-tracking.html

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