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Guangzhou Audio Industry 2016 Commendation Congress Was Held In DSPPA Audio Museum
Apr 26, 2018

On May 25, 2017, the 5th anniversary of the establishment and commendation congress of the GAIA (Guangzhou Audio Industry Association) was held in DSPPS Audio Museum. Over 30 famous audio companies of Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Dongguan attended the meeting and visited DSPPA Audio Museum after the meeting.

The Meeting Site

2016 Awards for Outstanding Audio Companies and Brands

After the awards conferring, Li Yangchun, Chairman of Guangzhou Electronic Audio Industry Association expressed his gratitude to all, especially DSPPA, who supports the association. He also extended his congratulations to enterprise winners and individuals winners of the award. He said those awards were encouragement to the nurture of talents, brand, innovation and comprehensive strength development, which are key factors contributing to an enterprise’s success. He sincerely hoped audio enterprises put more emphasis on those factors to make their enterprises more competitive.

Mr. Li Yangchun, Chairman of Guangzhou Audio Industry Association giving a speech

Mr. Wang Hen, President of DSPPA giving a speech

After the conference, entrepreneurs and industry elites visited the DSPPA Museum with the guide of DSPPA staff. When hearing the beautiful music from music boxes and the phonograph sound in the World Music Development History Zone, they were very impressed by the ancient people's wisdom and creativity.

Visiting DSPPA Audio Museum


The DSPPA Audio Museum is the first museum in the country with the theme of audio history. The museum not only displays the development history of audio, but also the representative works of the first industrial revolution, ancient mechanical typewriter, ancient mechanical computer, ancient sewing machine, industrial products of Japan Meiji Restoration Period. Over 5,000 collections of the periods from the Neolithic period to the Republic of China, such as ancient ceramics, embroidery, display the development history of the telephone, camera, film and Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture. The DSPPA Audio Museum provides people with a window to understand the audio history and the development process of audio.

Group Photo of the entrepreneurs, elites of the industry

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