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Guangzhou Performing Arts Show Concluded
May 07, 2018

Guangzhou Performing Arts Show Concluded,many Dishipu new products have a lot of attention.

On March 2nd,  2017, “GETshow Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment,  Smart Acoustical and Light Product Technology Exhibition” ended at  Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center. The exhibition is full of talents and elites. The company shares this event with you!
Dishipu companies bring many new products to the market. Among  them, the educational cloud recording system solution and the wireless  digital emergency broadcasting system launched by heavyweight attract  many visitors to stop watching!

Disp Education Cloud Recording System

As one of the  current mainstream information-based teaching system tools, it plays an  important role in the implementation of the “One Division One Excellent  Course, One Lesson One Teacher” activity. The  system is arranged in a simulated classroom. Staff members can  experience the educational cloud recording system very intuitively by  recording teaching videos and real-time live broadcasts. The response is  enthusiastic!

Dishipu Wireless Digital Emergency Broadcasting System

Formed a  complete intelligent broadcast product line and system technology  solutions, including TS streaming digital broadcasting, IP network  broadcasting, FM RDS data broadcasting, public audio broadcasting and  other system products, using TCP/IP, DVB-C/DTMB, FM+RDS, 3G/4G  mobile communication, shortwave, medium wave, BeiDou satellite text  transmission, satellite direct broadcast and other technologies can  flexibly meet the village's response to emergency broadcasting, mountain  flood warning system, campus/community wireless broadcasting, forest,  mine/sea platform emergency communication broadcasting .

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