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Help Intercom Expansion Controller
May 10, 2018


◆ Using high-grade aluminum alloy wire drawing panel, the appearance of the panel is novel, loss-proof and waterproof structure.

◆ Built-in high-fidelity, highly directional condenser microphones.

◆ Built-in 2W monitor speakers, high language clarity index.

◆ MAG6465 has a one-click help calling function, and with indicator status indication, the working status is clearly visible.

◆ Supports RS485 data transmission protocol. The maximum transmission distance between the help panel and the network player is greater than 1500 meters. Note: External DC power supply is required when the distance exceeds 500 meters.

◆ Network intelligent paging station with busy call transfer function and automatic paging request idle.

◆ The intercom content is automatically made into a log. The networked host automatically records the content of the intercom and can consult it.

◆ A network player can extend 15 help-to-talk extension controllers.

◆ It has two-circuit short-circuit input, two-way EMC linkage output, and main linkage monitoring system and access control system.

◆ It has one DC24V external DC input interface to facilitate long-distance transmission.

◆ has a way to pick up the audio auxiliary output, with the monitoring system with real-time recording.

◆ Use industrial Phoenix connection terminals, reliable and stable connection.

◆ High-performance processor and real-time system are used, and the request response speed is fast.

◆ Environmental protection and high work efficiency.

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