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How To Choose The Best PA System?
May 30, 2018

How to choose the best PA system?

If searching “what is the best PA system” in Google, you will see more than 800 million results most of which are advertisement of different brands. After reading the first ten pages, you still do not know what exactly the best PA system is and how to choose among hundreds of thousands products.

A public address system, comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment, is used in public venue such as sports stadiums, public transportation vehicles and facilities, and live or recorded music venues and events. It may include multiple microphones or other audio sources, and multiple amplifiers and loudspeakers for louder volume or wider distribution.

First thing to take into consideration when looking for the best product is the application venue and functions of the PA system. Products applied in different venues have different features. If it is used in outdoor places, features such as waterproof, rustproof, long transmission distance, durable etc. are necessary. If used in prestige event, it should be either unobtrusive (built-in) or visually pleasing. If used in villas, intelligent control of curtains, air-conditioning and other household appliances is indispensable.

As for the price, it moves in sync with the features and the power of your system. Price also increases with enhanced sound quality and the advanced engineering of components to reduce weight without sacrificing fidelity. Usually, famous brands stand for better quality but higher price. For example, as the chief drafter of National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB50526- Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering, products of DSPPA strictly abide by the standard and is dedicated to development and innovation. For example, DSP8062 Wall Mount Speaker is uniquely designed and with power tap. It can also be transformed to an active speaker. It is widely applied to venues like restaurants, schools, and supermarkets.

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