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Intelligent Paperless Conference Document Management Server
May 11, 2018


Functional description:

◆ D9001 intelligent paperless meeting management server with intelligent meeting software for single or multiple meeting rooms.

   Manage and distribute files (1-128 terminals) to improve the interactive transmission and management of conference system information.

    And information security backup capabilities. Responsible for the processing of meeting documents, mainly completed on the support meeting terminal screen.

    Sign-in, voting, file projection, file sharing, file annotation, etc., meeting process files can be stored in real time.

    Inside the smart paperless meeting file management server.

◆ The server software of the table card can be installed in this file management server to facilitate the use of the DISP table card software.

Feature Description:

◆ Ultra-quiet: With AVC double-ball copper fans, the maximum noise is 21.6dB at 1500±10% RPM (A)

◆ Green environmental protection: Low-power, low-carbon emission, free of mercury, sodium, and other harmful substances, in line with international green environmental protection law.

◆ 4U standard rack mount

◆ Output resolution: 1920*1080

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