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Networked Public Address System
May 09, 2018


◆ 17.3 inch color screen, touch screen control;

◆ Use key switch to ensure the system is more secure and stable;

◆ Powerful broadcast matrix, built-in large-capacity program source space, can customize the program source according to user needs;

◆ One-touch trigger zone alarm and manual alarm function;

◆ Partition monitoring function, real-time monitoring operation of the partition terminal's playback status and volume level;

◆ Partition paging function, can directly page the partition on the host;

◆ Addition of partitions can be automatically added to the display without setting up and restarting the host.

◆ can set the automatic switch function, user operation more convenient; automatic screen saver function, energy-saving operation;

◆ With recording function, users can create their own program source, can be recorded by this machine, and can also be copied from a remote control computer;

◆ The timing control function can be executed at the local editing time point or from the computer to the timing point.

◆ This machine is equipped with a built-in CD player, and a self-created CD player control interface;

◆ Can use the network paging terminal to expand the audio input channel;

◆ Modular design, can install network expansion module, function customization is more flexible, and maintenance is more convenient;

◆ Adopting industrial solid-state hard disk + mechanical hard disk, the startup speed is faster;

◆ High-end industrial server board design, dual network redundancy backup;

◆ Can customize the batch function of <shortcut> and the priority of the custom program source.

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