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Integrated Mixer Amp

MP300U 2 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier with Remote Paging
70V/100V & 4-16Ω speaker output,Rated power 120W
Built-in 4 Mic and 2 AUX and USB/FM/Bluetooth

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70V/100V & 4-16Ω speaker output,Rated power 120W

Built-in 4 Mic and 2 AUX and USB/FM/Bluetooth

Support 2 remote paging stations

Individual volume control for Mic 1-4 and Line 1-2

Mic 2-4 with phantom power 48V and gain control

Chime/Siren/Mute inputs with gain control

Priority: EMC/MIC1/Remote Microphone/Short Circuit adjustable

With 19" rack mount ears(optional)


The MP300U is a 2 zones mix amplifier integrated with the functions of U disk, radio, Bluetooth, zones and remote paging. With various functions, including clear screen display of status, EMC input, Mic input with phantom power, priority of inputs adjustable etc. The operation is very simple and user-friendly.




Rate power


Speaker Outputs

70V/100V& 4-16Ω





Mic Input Sensitivity


AUX Input Sensitivity



418×338×88 mm

Net Weight



Clear Screen Display of Status  4-16Ω & 70V/100V Speaker Outputs  EMC input


Mic Inputs with Phantom Power Dry contact inputs  Priority of inputs adjustable

Matters needing attention

●Our company provides a three-year free warranty service (including free replacement parts) over quality issues as from the date of purchase, provided that the device is installed and used in accordance with requirements specified in the User Manual.

●For warranty, the user must show the Warranty Card and the receipt kept by the user and purchase invoice of the device as supporting documents.

●The following conditions are beyond the scope of warranty:

1.Product damage due to improper installation, use or handling;

2.Product damage due to abnormal conditions (such as excessive power source voltage or ambient humidity);

3.Product damage due to acts of God;

4.Product SN is changed, altered or removed;

5.Product has been repaired or modified by any person without duly authorization from our company;

●Please keep the User Manual and Warranty Card in good custody.

●For issues and precautions not mentioned in this User Manual, if required, please contact the distributor or visit our website at http://www.dsppatech.com.

●In case of any failure in the warranty period, please contact service personnel (or distributor) of our company for service. The company shall not be made liable for damages due to unauthorized dis-assembly or maintenance or service by unauthorized personnel.

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