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Integrated Mixer Amplifier

MP200U 2 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier with Remote Paging
Rated power 60W, 70V/100V & 4-16Ω speaker output
Built-in two zones of 100V output for extend amplifier

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Rated power 60W, 70V/100V & 4-16Ω speaker output

Built-in two zones of 100V output for extend amplifier

Built-in 4 Mic and 2 AUX and USB/FM/Bluetooth

Individual volume control for Mic 1-4 and Line 1-2

Mic 2-4 with phantom power 48V and gain control

Chime/Siren/Mute inputs with gain control

Priority: EMC/MIC1/Remote Microphone/Short Circuit adjustable

With 19" rack mount ears(optional)


The Integrated Mixer Amplifier MP200U is a new designed 2 zones mix amplifier which support U disk, FM, Bluetooth, and remote paging. With various functions, including clear screen display of status, EMC input, Mic input with phantom power, priority of inputs adjustable etc.




Rate power


Speaker Outputs

70V/100V& 4-16Ω





Mic Input Sensitivity


AUX Input Sensitivity



418×338×88 mm

Net Weight


image006.jpgimage008.jpg image010.jpg

Clear Screen Display of Status  4-16Ω & 70V/100V Speaker Outputs  EMC input

image012.jpgimage014.jpg image016.jpgimage018.jpg

Mic Inputs with Phantom Power Dry contact inputs Priority of inputs adjustable

Safety Precautions

●Please do NOT connect this device to the power source, before the system is correctly wired.

●It is important to ensure that input voltage to the device is the same as required voltage of the device, otherwise the device may be damaged.

●There is dangerous voltage in the device, which may cause personal electric shock. Please do NOT open the case without permission, to avoid potential risks of electric shock.

●The device is not completely disconnected from power source when it is switched "OFF". For sake of safety, please disconnect the device from the socket if it is not in use.

●Please do NOT place the device where it is extremely cold or hot.

●Good ventilation must be provided in the working environment of the device, to avoid excessive temperature during its operation, which may cause damages to the device.

●Please unplug the device from power socket in raining and wet days or if the device is not in use for a long time.

●Please disconnect the power plug from sockets, to ensure the device has been completely disconnected from power source, before any component is removed from or re-installed in the device or before any electric connector of the device is disconnected or reconnected.

●In case of any failure of the device, please do NOT open the case and repair without permission from a professional personnel, to avoid accident or additional damages to the device.

●Please do NOT place any corrosive chemicals near or on the device.

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