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Paging and Music Mixer Amplifier

MP1010U 6 Zones Paging and Music Mixer Amplifier with USB & Tuner
100V & 4-16 Ω, rated power 350W
Support USB / SD / FM radio, with built-in chime
4 MIC inputs, Mic 1 with priority and muting fun

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100V & 4-16 Ω, rated power 350W

Support USB / SD / FM radio, with built-in chime

4 MIC inputs, Mic 1 with priority and muting fun

3 AUX line input & 1 AUX line output for power extension

Each AUX & Mic input with individual volume


This mixing amplifier is rated at 350W. 100V and 4-16 Ω speaker output are provided. There are 3 unbalanced microphones inputs and 3 aux inputs. Bass and treble controls and master volume control are provided. This amplifier can be applied to different occasions, such as supermarket, classroom, etc. Extensive protection from short-circuit, overload and high temp is ensured. Automatic cooling system ensures the extreme quite sound system.




Rated Output


Output Regulation

Less than 3dB, from off-load to full load

Input sensitivity

MIC: 3.0mV(±0.5mV)

LINE: 300mV(±50mV)

Frequency Response

80Hz-16kHz (±3dB)


Less than 1% (at 1kHz, 1/3 rated output voltage)

Ratio of
Signal to Noise

MIC: more than 71dB

LINE: more than 85dB


Bass: ±10dB(at 100Hz)

Treble: ±10dB(at 10kHz)


DC voltage; overload; short-circuit.


Input signals from MIC 1 override other input signals

Power Requirements

AC 220-240V/50-60Hz

Power Consumption


Outer Packing Size(mm)


Unit Size (mm)


Gross Weight


Net Weight




1. Power Switch

2. LED Power Indicator

3. Bass Adjustment Button

4. Treble Adjustment Button

5. Line Input Volume Adjustment Button

6. MIC Input Volume Adjustment Button

7. MIC 1 Priority Input Jack

8. Zone Volume Adjustment Button (1-6)

9. Zone Level Indicator

10.Chime Button

11.MP3 SD Jack

12.MP3/tuner select key

13.MP3/tuner status operation key

14.MP3/tuner status operation key

15.MP3/tuner status operation key

16.MP3 USB Jack

17.MP3/tuner status display

18.Five-unit LED Level Meter


When all five units of the LED level meter remain lit, it indicates that the sound is distorted.In such case, adjusting each volume adjustment button until LED unit 4 (+8dB) and LED unit 5 (+10dB) flash.



1 Mute control Button

2 MIC 2 Input Jack

3 Line Input Jack 1, 2, 3

4 AUX Output Jack

(Link with another amplifier or recording equipment)

5 6-zone Output

6 AC Power Source Insert

7 Fan Exhaust Window

8 Speaker Output Terminal

9 AC Power Fuse

10 FM antenna Jack

11 MIC4 Input Jack

12 MIC3 Input Jack

13 MIC4 Input Volume Button

14 MIC3 Input Volume Button


1. Do not block ventilation holes.

2. The amplifier should not be placed in any of the areas:

1) with poor ventilation;

2) exposed to direct sunlight;

3) with high ambient temperature or adjacent to heat-generating equipment;

4) with high humidity or heavy dust;

5) susceptible to vibration.

3. Make sure the power outlet conforms to the plug of the unit.

4. Do not use this unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken.

5. Always operate the unit with the ground wire

6. If a short alarm rings after turning on power and inputting signals, there must be an output short circuit fault. In such case, power should be cut off immediately. Do not turn on the power until the fault is removed.

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