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USB 60W Mixer Amplifier

MP60B 60W Mixer Amplifier 4 Mic&2 AUX& USB
Built in USB player
4 microphones input, 2 auxiliary inputs and 1 line output
Mic 1 input has the highest priority level muting function

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Description Of Product

1.1 About MP60B/MP120B broadcasting terminal


MP60B/MP120B is advanced public address equipment integrating MP3 player, preamplifier and post power amplifier.

This equipment has two line signal input interfaces, one line signal output interface, and four routes of the microphone input interfaces, of which the signal from the interface of microphone 1# on the front panel shall be granted the highest priority level.

Integrating the whole set of the broadcasting program as the small-sized public address system including the sound source, partition, preamplifier, post power amplifier and volume control and other functions, this equipment is applicable to the sites needing the public address by the small-sized public broadcasting system.



1.2 Performance characteristics


l  Combined power amplifier series with MP3, the preamplifier and post power amplifier.

l  Plugged with U disc and other memory equipment to provide MP3 sound source.

l  four microphone inputs, two Line inputs, and one Line output for link.

l  Muting function.

l  Individual volume control. Bass and treble tone control.

l  A five-element LED level meter is provided for the quick and easy visual monitoring of sound level. 








Output Regulation

Less than 3dB

Speaker Output


AUX Output


Input Sensitivity

Mic 1, 2, 3, 4 : 3mV (±0.5mV) Unbalanced

Line 1, 2 : 200mV (±30mV) Unbalanced

Frequency Response

65Hz – 20kHz (±3dB)


Less than 1% at 1kHz, 1/3 rated output voltage

S/N Ration

Mic 1, 2, 3, 4 : Bigger than 80dB

MP3 Input Sensitivity

230 – 280mV

Muting Function

Mic 1 overrides other input signals with 0 to -30dB attenuation


AC Fuse, DC Voltage, overload and short circuit

Power Requirement

AC 220-240V / 50-60Hz

Power Consumption



Dimension (W × H × D)

430 × 300 × 88mm (2U)

Net Weight

9 kg


Gross Weight

6 kg


Front Panel


1. Power switch

(power indicator lighting as ON state)
For main power.
2. LED power indicator
For main power.
3. LED level meter
Indicate output level.
4. Bass control
Adjust bass response.
5. Treble control
Adjust treble response.
6. MP3 output volume control
Adjust treble response.
7. Line volume control
Adjust Line input volume.
8. Mic1-Mic4 volume control
Adjust microphone volume.
9. Mic1 input jack
Connect to microphone of unbalanced
30-600Ω with 1/4″phone plug. The muting
function is activated while the signal is
sent to Mic1.
10. MP3 Display
11. MP3 USB input jack
12. MP3 Player control button

Rear panel


1.Mute control
Adjust muting function.
2.2. Line 1 input and Line 2 input
Connect to linear source equipment.
3. Line output
Connect a recorder
4. Fan Exhaust Window
5. Speaker output 100V
6. AC fuse
Prevent the excessive AC
7. AC power Input jack
Connect to AC power sou
8. Mic2-Mic4 input jack

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