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Mixer Amplifier 70V

MP600PIII 250W 3 Mixer Amplifier With 3 Mic & 2 AUX Inputs
70V, 100V & 4-16 Ω, rated power 250W
3 microphone inputs, Mic 1 with priority and muting function
2 aux line input &1 line output for additional mixer or amplifier link

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70V/100V & 4-16Ω optional speaker outputs
Rated power output: 60W/120W/250W/350W
3 MIC inputs, Mic 1 with priority and muting function
2 AUX line inputs &1 AUX line output for power extension
Each microphone and line input has separated volume control
Bass and treble tone control ensures wonderful sound effect
Fashionable one-piece plastic mould design, classic and durable  







Rated output power





Output regulation

≤3dB (from off-load to full load) 

Speaker output

P1, 70V, 100V

AUX output

≥700 mV

Input sensitivity

Microphone :≤3.3mV (unbalanced)  

Line:≤300mV (unbalanced) 

Frequency response

80Hz-16KHz (±3dB)   


≤1% 1KHznormal   operating status

S/N   Ratio

Line: ≥74dB


Bass : ±10dB(100Hz)    

Treble : ±10dB(10kHz)  


AC fuse; DC voltage; overload; short-circuit.

Muting function

Mic 1 overrides other input signals with

0-( -30 )dB attenuation

Power requirements

AC 220V/50Hz

Rated power consumption





Outer Packing Size (mm)

(L×W×H) 520×430×195

Unit Size (mm)

(L×W×H) 420×338×88

Gross weight





Net weight








1. Do not block ventilation holes.

2. The amplifier should not be placed in any of the areas:

1) with poor ventilation;

2) exposed to direct sunlight;

3) with high ambient temperature or adjacent to heat-generating


4) with high humidity or heavy dust;

5) susceptible to vibration.

3. Make sure the power outlet conforms to the plug of the unit.

4. Do not use this unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken.

Always operate the unit with the AC ground wire connected to the

electrical system’s ground.

5. If an alarm rings after the power has been on and the signal has been

fed, there must be an of output short-circuit trouble. In a such case,

please turn the power off. Do not turn on the power again, until the

trouble shall be resolved.


  The device is not completely disconnected from power source when   it is switched "OFF". For sake of safety, please disconnect the   device from the socket if it is not in use.

  Please keep this device off water drops or splash or vase filled   with water or any other articles of similar nature.

  Please do NOT remove the cover of the equipment, otherwise you may   get an electric shock. Where necessary, repair to the equipment should be   conducted by qualified professionals.

  All terminals on the device marked with   are   live and dangerous, and should be connected by trained personnel.

  This is connected to power source via the plug and any failure or   danger occurs, the user can disconnect the device from power source by   pulling out the plug out from the socket, therefore, it is required that the   power socket should be located somewhere with easy access.


Matters needing attention

l   Our company provides a three-year free warranty service (including free replacement parts) over quality issues as from the date of purchase, provided that the device is installed and used in accordance with requirements specified in the User Manual.

l   For warranty, the user must show the Warranty Card and the receipt kept by the user and purchase invoice of the device as supporting documents.

l   The following conditions are beyond the scope of warranty:

1.Product damage due to improper installation, use or handling;

2.Product damage due to abnormal conditions (such as excessive power source voltage or ambient humidity);

3.Product damage due to acts of God;

4.Product SN is changed, altered or removed;

5.Product has been repaired or modified by any person without duly authorization from our company;

l   Please keep the User Manual and Warranty Card in good custody.

l   For issues and precautions not mentioned in this User Manual, if required, please contact the distributor or visit our website at http://www.DSPPATECH.com.

l   In case of any failure in the warranty period, please contact service personnel (or distributor) of our company for service. The company shall not be made liable for damages due to unauthorized dis-assembly or maintenance or service by unauthorized personnel.

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