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Video Megaphone

DSP169HD High Fidelity Video Megaphone (with Camera)
Built-in alarm siren;
Sensitivity: 102±3dB;
Max SPL:112dB±2dB;

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Built-in alarm siren;

Sensitivity: 102±3dB;

Max SPL:112dB±2dB;

Audio sources: USB MP3, FM;

Support voice message recording;

Built-in LED light for use in dark places;

Power Supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery or dry battery

Working hours: Speaking, alarm, driving, FM 20h; LED lighting 10h; MP3 15h(each mode using lonely)


The DSP166HD is a high fidelity megaphone without camera.

DSP166HD is superior to normal megaphone for the following points:

(1) High quality audio output, can play MP3 for background music;

(2) With built-in FM module;

(3) With LED light, suitable for working in dark places;

It is an ideal choice for outdoor activities, sport field, police stations, schools, where voice reinforcement is needed.




Output Power of Amplifier

15W (@THD=10%)





Frequency Response

300Hz – 10kHz(-10dB)

Battery Type

4 lithium batteries or 12 dry batteries

Typical Using Time (Max.output)

Speaking, alarm, driving, FM 20h; LED lighting 10h; MP3 15h.
(each mode using lonely)

Safety Level




Net Weight


he back view


1. Speaking Microphone: for highly clear speaking.

3. Normal Battery Light: when the any mode is working, the light is on.

4. Volume Knob: switch the volume of speaker.

5. USB Jack: inserting USB disk for the music play.

6. Recording Microphone: when the record mode is working, it gathers sound.

The Gunstock View


1.Alarm Key: open or close alarm mode.

2.Driving Signal Key: open or close driving mode.

3.LED Lighting Key: open or close LED lighting mode.

4.EQ Key: extremely increase product′s STIPA. It′s suitable for using speaking/alarm/driving and recording mode.

5.Recording Key: open/close recording mode. The maximum recording time is 12 seconds.

6.Recording Mode Light: when recording mode or record play mode is working, the light is on.

7.Record Playing Key: press this key to listen what you record.

8.MP3/FM Power Key: open or close MP3/FM mode.

9.MP3/FM Switching Key: switch the mode between MP3 and FM.

10.image009.jpg” Key: Play or pause MP3/FM mode (if the current mode is FM, pressing this key will search broadcasts automatically)

11.image011.jpg“”Key: Select previous MP3 file or FM broadcast.

12.MP3/FM Light: when FM mode is working, it is on all along. When MP3 mode is working, it winks.

13.image013.jpg“”Key: Select next MP3 file or FM broadcast.

14.FM Antenna Jack: when FM mode is working, inserting an antenna will increase the effect of broadcasting sound. (Matching an outer microphone to speak is another function).

15.Charge Light: show the state of charge. When it charges up, it shows red. If it is full, it shows green.

16.Outer Charge Jack: charge the whole system up.

Megaphone′s Priority-Ranked Function


Notice: LED Lighting mode can be in effect when other mode works.



Rated output


Speaker output

70V, 100V & 4-16 Ω,

Input sensitivity

MIC: 3.0mV(±0.5mV)LINE: 300mV(±50mV)

Frequency response

80Hz-16kHz (±3dB)


Less than 1% (at 1kHz, 1/3 rated output voltage)

The ratio of signal to noise

MIC: more than 71dB LINE:more than 85dB


DC voltage; overload; short-circuit.

Power requirements

AC 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz

Power consumption


Outer Packing Size (mm)


Unit Size (mm)


Gross weight


Net weight


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