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Wall Mount Speaker

  • Outdoor Wall Speakers

    DSP8062B 20W Wall Mount Speaker with Power Tap
    Input 70V/100V/4-16Ω
    Wide Freq.Resp.:95Hz-20KHz
    Max SPL:103±2dB
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  • Pendant Speaker Mount

    DSP416B 13W-25W 360° ABS PA Speaker
    Fashion Design, Line Voltage 70/100V,Rated Power 25W
    Max SPL: 104±2dB
    Built-in 100v/70v transformer
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  • 2W Wall Mount Speaker

    DSP507 0.5W-2W ABS Wall Mount Speaker
    70/100V, 0.5-2W with multiple terminals, suited for different field
    Max SPL: 89±2dB
    Built-in 100v/70v transformer
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  • Indoor Wall Speakers

    DSP506 10W-20W Beaverboard Wall Mount Speaker
    70/100V, 5-10W
    Max SPL: 102±2dB
    High sensitivity: 89±2dB
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  • In Wall Mount Speakers

    DSP406II Wall Mount Speaker
    Sounds clear and sonorousness;
    Top wire adopts integrated design,elegant clever and beautiful;
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  • White Wall Speaker

    DSP116 1.5W-10W ABS Wall Mount Speaker
    70/100V, 1.5-10W with multiple terminals
    Max SPL: 96±2dB
    High sensitivity:91±2dB
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