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Emergency Power Controller

MAG2122E PA System Emergency Power Controller
The maximum of output power is no less than 2 kW
Support 1 KW equipment emergency operation up to 1 hour or more

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Welcome to DSPPA Public Address System! Please read the Instructions carefully before operating this device.

Ⅰ. Features
The maximum of output power is no less than 2 kW
Support 1 KW equipment emergency operation up to 1 hour or more
Built-in automatic battery charger with overcharge and over discharge protection
Digital battery voltmeter, real-time display battery voltage
Accepts PC remote monitoring function

Ⅱ. Function Introduction
2.1 Frant Panel Introduction


1. Switch
Press 1 to turn on the power and press 0 to turn off the power
2. Power indicator
The indicator light is on when the power is turned on and the indicator goes off when the power is turned off
3. Digital battery voltmeter
Display of the output voltage value
4. DC24V output indicator
The indicator lights up when the 24V DC voltage is output, to put it in another way, the indicator will light up when the equipment is working.
5. Power charging indicator
This indicator is on when the device is being charged. When this device is turned on, this indicator is off.
6. Protection indicator
When the charger’s voltage inside the device is lower than 24V, this indicator flashes when the voltage is 20V-21V and the internal alarm beep is intermittent. When the voltage is 20V, the indicator light is on and the alarm buzzer will be buzzing for a long time.
7. Cooling air inlet
It is a cooling window

2.2 Rear Panel Introduction


1. Remote control input
Connect to the remote control output interface of the previous device.
2. Remote control output
Connect to the remote control signal input of the next device.
3. OUT1~OUT5 DC24V output
24V emergency voltage output .
4. Positive pole input
Battery PC1022B positive terminal input.
5. Negative pole input
Battery PC1022B negative terminal input.
6. Cooling fan
Used for heat dissipation.
7. Power supply fuse
Used to fix the AC power fuse. If the fuse is broken, replace it by a fuse with the same specifications. continuous fuse-broken indicates the device is in fault.
8. AC power cable
Plug the AC power cable into this outlet.

2.3 System connection


Ⅲ . Connection Instructions
3.1 Connection operation and diagram

1. In order to connect the PC1005U router to the system, you need to connect the PC1005U "DATA OUT" data output port and the machine "DATA IN" data input port first,and then connect the machine's "DATA OUT" data output to the other peripheral devices in series,which is as shown as below:


2. If PC1005U router is not used in the system,you need to connect the port of "DATA OUT" data output with the port of "DATA IN" data input, and then connect “DATA OUT” in this device with peripherals by series. The connection method goes as follows:


3.2 Remote Control Operation
The unit accepts PC remote control. Connect the remote link port of the equipment and the corresponding device link with the network cable port and it will be controlled by the PC. The network cable applies T568A-T568A network cable, which is as shown as below. Please refer to the PC side software operating instructions for PC monitoring operation. If you do not need PC-remote monitoring, PC remote control port doesn’t need connection.

Ⅳ. System connection diagram


Packing List





Backup power supply equipment



Warranty Card









Charter gasket



White 5 × 19 semi countersunk head cross machine wire



Black EVA pad



400MM/8 Core line



10AGB MP-P power cord



Maximum output power

2000VA, 5 parallel channels are divided equally

output voltage


Maximum support time

1kW×1 hour

Battery input


Switch time

0.5 seconds


AC fuse(F2AL)Overcharge, over discharge

power supply


Package size(mm)

(Long* wide*high)555×455×185

Machine size(mm)

(Long* wide*high)484×349.5×88

Gross weight


Net weight


Performance specifications are subject to change without notice

1. Note for Security

● Do not insert the power plug of the unit into the grid before connecting the system cable
● Ensure that the voltage input to the device is exactly the same as the voltage requirements of this equipment, otherwise there is a risk of burning equipment.
● There is a dangerous voltage inside the machine; the voltage is enough to cause electric shock; do not open the case in order to avoid the risk of electric shock.
● When the power supply of this equipment is off, the machine is not completely disconnected from the power supply. For safety reasons, please unplug the power plug from the outlet when the device is not in use
● Do not place the device in a sub-cooled or overheated place
● To ensure that the working environment of the equipment is well ventilated to avoid heat at work and the temperature is too high to cause damage to the equipment
● Unplug the power plug in noisy weather or for long time
● Before removing or reassembling any parts of the equipment, disconnect or re-connect any electrical plugs or other connections to the equipment; be sure to unplug the power plug to ensure that the equipment is completely disconnected from the grid.
● When the equipment is faulty, non-professionals without permission please do not open the cabinet to repair, in order to avoid accidents or increase the degree of damage to equipment.
● Do not place any corrosive chemicals close to the equipment.

2.After-sale service note
● Since the date of purchase from the date of installation and use of the provisions of the normal use within the scope of quality problems, the company will provide three years of free warranty (including free replacement parts) services
● The user must show a warranty card, receipt and the sales invoice as a certificate。
● The following conditions are excluded from the scope of free warranty:
1.Damage caused by improper installation, use or handling;
2.Damage caused by unusual circumstances(such as excessive power supply voltage or ambient humidity,etc)
3.Product damage caused by natural disasters and other accidents;
4.The product body number is converted, altered or removed;
5.The product has been repaired or modified by not authorized person of the company;
● Please keep the manual and warranty card
● Please contact your dealer or visit our website at http://www.DSPPA.com,, if you have any questions or precautions which are not mentioned in this manual.
● If you encounter a malfunction during the warranty period, please contact our after-sale staff (or dealer) for repair; if the self-demolition or maintenance by non-company technical staff, DSPPA will not bear the responsibility of free warranty.

● When the power switch of this equipment is in the "off" state, the machine is not completely disconnected from the power supply. For the sake of safety, please unplug the power cord from the outlet
● The device can not withstand water droplets or water splashes and can not place items such as vases filled with water on the device.
● Do not open the machine cover to prevent electric shock. If necessary, by a professional certificate of professional staff to repair.
● The terminals marked with the symbol in the equipment indicate hazardous, and the operation of connecting these terminals shall be carried out by the instructed person
● The device is connected through the power cord and the power grid. When the equipment fails or is dangerous, unplug the power cord and disconnect the device from the power grid. Therefore, it is necessary to place the power outlet in the power cord

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