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  • HDMI 4K Distributed Matrix System Input Interface

  • 4K IP Based Distributed Matrix System

  • 12" Professional Active Speaker

    ● 2 ways with DSP
    ● 12-inch Full range Loudspeaker
    ● 250W(RMS),90ºx60º(H×V)

  • Digital Sign in IC Card

    ● Meet IEC 60914 national standard.
    ● With hot backup function.
    ● A set of conference system can be connected to a maximum of 4096 conference units.
    ● The distributed conference system adopts Dante protocol, and provides a solution to no compression, no loss, no latency, 48kHz audio sampling frequency and easy installation.
    ● Simultaneous interpretation: Can realize the simultaneous interpretation, and receive 15+1 language channels, which can be expanded to 63+1.
    ● With active speaker limit (1/2/3/4/5/6) setting function.
    ● 4.3ʺ TFT True color screen / Touch screen:
    √ With graphical interface design, all functional items, setting information and basic information of the unit under working condition are clear at a glance, beautiful and fashionable;
    √ Touch screen control mode; make human-computer interaction extremely user-friendly.

  • 8 Channel Amplifier Matrix Controller

    ●Support 4-8 zones selector and Main and Standby amplifier switcher;
    ●Main and standby amplifier switching mode can be: 8 mains and 1 standby, 4 main and 1 standby, 4 main and 4 standby, and 4 main and multiple standbys.
    ●Support hot plug for the power switching modules; can plug the power switching modules with electricity on after switching off all the zones on the interface, without powering off the device;
    ●With real-time power testing function and error testing function;
    ●With loading loop testing function;
    ●With multiple equalizer modes for selective;
    ●Individual volume and tone controls for each zone;
    ●Can monitor output for each zone;
    ●With color touch screen displaying all working status;
    ●Can be extended to support remote control and compatible with PC series control protocol;
    ●Can be extended to support AC110V, DC24V power supply;

  • 1U Integrated CD player with USB/FM/Bluetooth

    ●Full light touch button control, blue LCD display with high brightness and clear screen;
    ●With MP3 player, built-in USB interface, SD slot, CD disc tray;
    ●High-end CD suction movement;
    ●Bluetooth function;
    ●CD/MP3/MP4/VCD/DVD playback function;
    ●Built-in radio function, digital radio module with high sensitivity;
    ●With automatic search radio and storage function, AM/FM radio can store 40 stations respectively;
    ●The radio has a power-off memory function, which can start to work automatically after powered on;
    ●One-way mixed output, one-way Bluetooth output, one-way radio signal output, one-way CD/MP3 audio output;
    ●The mixed output supports simultaneous output of three-way audio of Bluetooth, radio signal and CD/MP3.
    ●Support Remote Control via the IR remote controller.