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IP Network Music Amplifier

IP Network Music Amplifier

DM836N 2x20W IP Network Music Amplifier
Unique and simple appearance design encounters neat lines, having you taste the harmonious and simple life.

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Performance Characteristics
• Unique and simple appearance design encounters neat lines, having you taste the harmonious and simple life.
• Five inch capacitive screen, touch operation of the full screen, adhere to modern, fashion and elegant design concept, and adopt graphical operation interface.
• Have five sound sources to play, namely Bluetooth connection, internet radio, built-in music, SD card and AUX input.
• Use CSR bluetooth4.0, support apt-X algorithm, and provide lossless music play with extremely low latency.
• Have built-in high-performance Hi-Fi grade digital power amplifier, and 2.1 bass signal output.
• Have built-in SigmaDSP audio processor and built-in ten-stage EQ
regulation to achieve multiple choices of sound effects and dynamic spectrum display.
• Support multiple audio formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, ACC, OGG.
• According to "Weber's Law of Audition", unique exponential volume control technology adapting to ear characteristics is equipped for it.
• Have independent timing function and memory function in case of power-down.
• Have RJ45 network port, host can be connected to the router and
be controlled to operate through specially designed APP client in iPhone and android smart phone.
• It can be externally connected to paging centers to achieve voice play.
• Support infrared remote control function, and operate easily and fast.
• Support online upgrade and local upgrade.

Basic Function
1. Power on / Power off
Power on: push the power switch in lower right corner to right, system is completed initiation about 5 seconds, then enter the main interface (as shown in the figure).
Power off: push the power switch in lower right corner to left, then power is turn off (as shown in the figure)
Reminder: It can be rebooted after 5 seconds' power off.


2. Standby / Power on
Standby: touch the icon2.jpg for 2 seconds in main interface state, then enter standby state; when in standby state, the system still can be controlled by smart phone.
Power on: in standby state, sliding the display area can make it power on.

3. Main interface
on the main interface, have five sound sources namely Bluetooth, internet radio, built-in music, SD and AUX, and setting
functional item.

Function Introduction


1. Touch "Bluetooth" icon on the main interface to enter the music play interface of Bluetooth (as shown in figure).


Icon Introduction


2. Firstly, turn on the Bluetooth, choose to pair when the name of DABA*** display on the screen. (Password: The last three numbers of the Bluetooth name + 3883. For example: When the Bluetooth name is DABA101, the password is, 101+3883=3984, so the pairing password is 3984). When "Connected" is displayed on the screen, phone has already connected. The users can play the song and the host will control the music play.

Net Radio
1. After the mini host connected to the Internet,Touch “Net Radio” icon on the main interface to enter the internet radio interface (as shown in figure).


Icon Introduction


2. Touch “Music list” icon on the main interface to enter interface of
stored radio programs list (as shown in figure), click radio name in the list to connect and play.
Users need to download the APP client of “multi-room music” to add and delete radio in the radio list (refer to Page 17 for details).


Local Music
1. Touch “Local Music” icon on the main interface to enter music play interface (as shown in figure).


Icon Introduction


2. Touch “Music List” icon to enter the selection interface of stored Song List (as shown in figure).


3. Click music directory on the left, the right will display all songs of this directory, click any song to start playing.


Notes: music in the local music to add and rremove the need to set up on the computer ip(please refer to the ip terminal instructions).

1. Touch “SD” icon on main interface to enter the SD interface (as shown in figure).


Icon Introduction


2. Touch “Music List” icon to enter SD card directory, click root directory on the left, the right will display all songs in the root directory
(as shown in figure).


Click any song to start playing (as shown in figure).


Reminder: Song files can only be allowed in the root and first level directories.

Touch “AUX” icon on main interface to enter the interface of auxiliary sound resources play (as shown in figure).


Reminder: Need to connect external auxiliary sound resource, like phone or other equipments.

Internet Paging
Host can be matched with intelligent paging station for use. Connect host and intelligent paging station into the same local area network. When have paging signals, host can preferentially connect to paging signal and play the paging at once (as shown in figure).


Touch “Setting” icon on main interface to enter system setting interface (as shown in figure).


Time setting
Touch “Time” to enter the interface of time setting (as shown in figure).


• Automatic timing: touch the right button – “ON” to turn on automatic timing. If have connected to Internet, then system will automatically connect the internet to time; “OFF” is to turn off automatic timing, you can set time and date manually.

• Time zone choose: you can choose your time zone.


• Time and date setting: manually set time and date (as shown in figure). When turn off automatic timing, this item can be set.


Language setting
Touch “Language” icon on setting interface to enter the interface of language setting.
User can choose Chinese or English.

Touch “Theme” icon on setting interface to enter the selection interface of theme (as shown in figure).
Choose suitable background color according to your preference.


Net timer
Timer can make host play music in your set time. For instance, when you get up in the morning, it begins to play soothing music;
when you come home after work, it automatically play relaxing music. This personalized setting can relax and sooth your mind, making your life more joyful.
Notes:net timer (please refer to the ip terminal instructions).


Line in and out setting
• Line input: it can select between 500mV and 1V. Select according to the actual equipment input situation.
• Line output: follow system volume to turn on, and the output volume is controlled by the machine. You can use the machine to adjust volume; follow the off of system volume to turn off and volume is controlled by the connected equipment, so you need to adjust volume on this equipment.


Touch “Network” icon on setting interface to enter the network detection interface (as shown in figure).
When the network is normally connected, the screen will display
the allocated IP address. If no IP address is displayed, the equipment does not get to IP address. Now, click “Repair Network” button to
re-get IP address.
When setting up “ON”, it will automatically get DHCP.


When setting up “OFF” can set up network by yourself (as shown in figure) .


Set up network interface(as shown in figure) .


Radio Editing
Touch “Radio Editing” icon on setting interface to enter internet radio editing interface (as shown in figure).
Clicking “Delete All” icon will clear all radio stored in the machine. Clicking “Delete Single” icon will delete the corresponding single radio.


Other Settings
Touch “Other settings” icon on setting interface to enter other setting interface (as shown in figure).
• Room address: is the address of the 485 protocol communication device, touch “-,+” can set the room.
• Backlight time: five settings namely 15s, 30s, 60s, 120s and always can be selected.
• Backlight adjustment: drag the slider to adjust the brightness of the screen.


• Trigger linkage settings
Touch trigger settings enter the settings interface.
Trigger volume: touch slider can set the volume size.
Trigger mode: the trigger mode can be switched in single and continuous.
Once: the signal is triggered once, the device will play all the time and needs to be manually closed.
Continue: signal trigger continuous detection, there is a signal to play, no signal to stop playing.
Alarm setting: when the folder has the name "z_alarm_bell.mp3" (z is ringtone) A ringtone that will play the alarm by default when triggered.
Trigger song settings: touch "alarm ringtone" will enter the song selection interface.


System Update
Touch “Update” icon on setting interface to enter system upgrading interface (as shown in figure).
This machine supports online upgrading and local upgrading. Local upgrading needs to copy the upgrading program to the root directory of SD card. Insert SD card and click local upgrading, then the system will automatically search and upgrade the host.


Touch “About” icon can view information.


Setting SIP
1. First of all , configure your SIP server, including user name and server information.The test server can use mini SIP server and the test terminal can use SIP phone etc. Please test and ensure that the communication of host and the test terminal is normal after information configuration.

2. Opening network PA management software, right-click the device zone in the zone interface and select the pop-up menu “SIP information”.


3.Set SIP information in the pop-up SIP information settings box, including user name, password server ip, server interface number and click “login” after inputting.If login successfully it will display “Logged in”, and this device and SIP server communication is normal.


4. Use a test terminal ( which can be a professional SIP phone or test software) to call, and if the device is normal, the status bar in SIP information will display calling. As shown in the following figure.


APP Client
We specifically designed APP client software of this host suitable for IOS and android phones. It can facilitate the management and control of the host system. please scan the following QR code to download and install “Multi-room Music” software.
After installing “Multi-room Music”, make sure that phone and host are connected in the same local area network, then you can control them. For example, if host is connected to router and phone is connected to router too, phone can be used to control the host.


Performance parameter




~100-240V 50/60Hz 1A

Sound resource

Bluetooth / internet radio / built-in music / SD / AUX

Auxiliary input impedance


Rated power


frequency response


Total harmonic distortion


Signal to Noise Ratio


Bluetooth standard

Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X

Bluetooth distance


Net weight


Product dimension (H×W×D)

86x172x50 mm

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